Buick GL8 Luzun Hao Hua atmospheric peak price

the whole Beijing Buick 4S store factory store sales for the completion of the task, get the rebate manufacturers, authorized by the manufacturers, sold nationwide, the existing 2020 Buick GL8 discount big promotion (the last two months within new goods vehicles), maximum discount 50,000, now the shop is now ample car, full color, national sales, no regional restrictions, complete procedures (invoice, certificate, certificate of conformity of the vehicle, PDI test certificate, maintenance manual, warranty certificate) across the country can settle down on the card, Genius offers pick-up service, go all the formalities lorry, car worth 18,800 yuan spree gift to car shop without any additional conditions, to welcome all riders to store elaborate! consideration Beijing car riders to the field to walk away, where the car to the shop successful riders are reimbursed two-way tolls ($ 2,000 to the contents of air tickets, train tickets, bus). No strings attached sincerely hope that purchasers are advised to inquire or to store elaborate. Welcome your call, we will be happy to serve you. [View news bottom 4S shop Tel]

2020, paragraph

2020, paragraph

electric instrument

Buick GL8 2020, paragraph

electric instrument

Buick] [] 2020, paragraph GL8 [123 123 ES landing respect 653T exclusive-type


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Buick GL8

ES landing respect 653T Luxury





[] 2020 Buick 123 Avenir seven pro-Ai Weiya Li Edition



electric instrument

appearance: new generation Buick GL8 using the latest family design elements, the front face of the modeling aspects of the LaCrosse closer. The new style uses a network of flying-wing design, the wings has been extended to the headlight, the front face of more dynamic visual effects. Adding full LED headlights, the LED headlamps conform to the current craze, and not only an excellent 23 LED lighting effects, but also highlights the sense of quality. The new GL8 is not equipped with fog lamps, new front bumper design a little more sense of movement.

The new GL8 silhouette not how they change, the most obvious change is the D-pillar with a hidden design, and canceled under the old section along the stepped shape of the side windows, overstating some sense, but in GL8 Avenir lower edge of the front door there is highlight the identity of LOGO. Also need to mention that the new GL8 full-line third-row windows are not using conventional glass material and replace it with a synthetic material called polycarbonate, in fact, this material is not cheap, the biggest benefit is reduced energy a lot of weight.

series models guide price (million) Price (million) Price (million) current car status
Buick GL8 public land 652T cabin comfort 23.29 electrocardiograph power Conference lowest is now ample car
Buick GL8 652T land business class luxury 25.89 electrocardiograph power Conference lowest is now ample car
Buick GL8 [] [] 2020 123 123 land business class section 652T distinguished type 27.99 power Conference lowest is now ample car
ES landing respect 653T Charming 29.99 power Conference lowest is now ample car [123 ]
electrocardiograph is now ample car 2020, paragraph
[ 123] power Conference lowest is now ample car Buick GL8 2020 ES paragraph landing respect 653T flagship
power Conference lowest sufficient current car GL8
electric meter [123 adequate] power Conference lowest are cars Buick GL8 [] [] 2020, paragraph 123 123 Avenir six Yin Yi Weiya ceremony Version 46.59
power Conference lowest is now ample car GL8 2020 Buick Avenir Ai Weiya four Takahiro version 52.99
proposed a minimum price is now ample car package contents: the entire vehicle 3M proof film, DVD navigation original, reverse image, engine guard, fenders, automatic sewing, the seat cover, surrounded by large cushion mats, carpets corrosion, rear entertainment, steering wheel lock, perfumes, sets the carpet, marbles, fire extinguishers, tire cleaning agents

Founder tail design is more, according to the official description, the new generation GL8 using aluminum material trunk door. Also used car tail lamp LED light source, a total of 57, after lighting a relatively high degree of recognition. MPV to be enough people feel the atmosphere, to create a sense of dignified, personal feel even look at the rear of imposing some Alpha. Just said car using full LED taillights, the lighting effect is great, the details of the boomerang-shaped chrome eyebrow lights very family characteristics.

Inside, the new Buick GL8 completely out of the current model of old-fashioned outdated interior style, steering wheel shape is also closer to the new Regal and other family models, the center console design more perspective, but appears in the LED display concept car many not applied to production models. The new Buick GL8 very spacious interior space, interior design seat three rows, can take 6-7 people, the left side of the seat near the back door can be reversed, more convenient occupant on and off, the configuration, the new generation GL8 equipped with an adaptive cruise, the HUD head-up display, eight inches in the control screen, apple carplay, automatic air conditioning, front and rear seat ventilation / heating, the right electric sliding doors, double sunroof configuration.

in the front row and the second row has a unique diamond lattice lines, can create a more sophisticated atmosphere and feel is great; heating, ventilation and also the first row the second row has the function, in addition to the second row and massage function. High-end materials cover almost every inch of the car, “Heaven and Earth”, GL8 Avenir as wearing non-luxury brand car models subject, indeed bring feelings of people leapfrog. Ambient Light 18 different colors of purple twilight, dawn gold, nice blue color composed of three major, well-beingColor have to take into account, even though driving this MPV and love to travel together, she will not complain about your lack of atmosphere.

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