By car Dasha: a couple of cans of Red Bull, dare single raid 1000 km bicycle one day!

one day driving distances of up to one thousand kilometers, is a kind of experience? For most consumers, there is little chance such a long-distance driving. I recently experienced a trip once a day to drive up to 1,000 kilometers from Beijing to Suzhou, the two take turns to open. Heart only one sentence: Do not try, why not suggest that consumers long day continuous driving long distances it? As you interpret what!

1, unresponsive, visual delay

in the long time in a state of stress, to the extent this action responsive will decrease. Especially human hand muscles and optic nerve. People in a row after more than six hours driving, emergency response and the visual response of human muscle will drop about 20 percent, meaning that if an emergency occurs, human reaction time will be a corresponding extension of twenty percent, calculated according to 100Km / h per hour, in the human reaction time, the braking, the vehicle will travel a distance of about thirty meters twenty percent increase to a large extent will increase the likelihood of accidents.

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