BYD high beam is not bright, the driving light is always on

Light failure is the problem that driving vehicles often encounters:

1. If the big problem is a common problem is the light bulb failure, if BYD is not bright, the old vehicle is installed is a bulb, it needs Check if the bulb is ablated, if the new BYD is equipped with longan headlights, far-dimensions are LED bulbs, need to check if the light emitting computer is normal, there is a fault;

2, if BYD high No, there is a case where the fuse or relay is faulty. It needs to find the position of the fuse or relay to further check the repair;

3, a small number of BYD vehicles encountered the illumination control unit damage, this need The maintenance store further measures whether the power supply of the control unit is normal;

4, BYD’s day-to-day driving light and other vehicles, no bright sensors, so the daytime running light is in a constant state, when the big When the lamp, the daytime running light will dim, this is a normal phenomenon.

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