BYD high-end brand confidence, written on the Hard BBA

A car company should launch high-end brands, and this topic is now very strong to stimulate who. Because, in recent years, many car companies are launching their high-end brands, doing good, WEY, Geely’s packets, both relying on product power rather than big, cost-effective high sales Successful, the two further completed the results of flowering, such as the Tank Series in the Wey brand, because of the sales burst, so that they will run independent operation, such as the Brand, now entered the European market, and the global brand of many hundred years.

In recent years, Chinese brands are more god, and they have independently develop and establish technical highlands, launch high-end brands and products. In front of you, it is an outbreak after the accumulation of technology, thinking, and system, but now, in addition to wey, in addition to wey, it is not much. It is also because of this, a company will launch a high-end brand, and the heat in public opinion goes low slowly.

However, when we learned that BYD will launch high-end brands, after the news in February 2021, it obviously truly arise for many people’s curiosity.

Why, BYD can arouse curiosity?

The reason is nothing, because BYD has achieved achievements in today’s car market, which makes the viewer have confidence in its future, confidence in the high-end brand that is about to land.

Excellent technical capabilities, which is a concentrated impression of BYD currently left to consumers.

Self-study section, BYD innovative launched the blade battery technology, directly solved the pain of the new energy models, the pain point BYD launched Di-link for many years, the intelligent network technology has an advantage, and now this intelligent system has conducted a number of large upgrades, including rotating large screen, KTV, a series of entertainment, etc. In the field of hybrid technology, BYD’s DM is already a leading sheep player in which it is inserted, the official listing DM-I will challenge the oil and electricity mix.Universal giant.

Obviously, the Today’s BYD has been refreshed with a new technology application through new technology applications.

Currently, BYD has completed the sequence advancement of models within 200,000 yuan, and the market accumulation of models within 200,000 yuan. And, with the excellent performance of BYD Han, BYD Tang, it has been stronger with a share between 20-300,000 yuan. Next, it will advance, will further, even reach more than 500,000 yuan.

With BYD, it will launch high-end brands, everyone’s eyes and curiosities are now, it will launch in what kind of body. In particular, if the 500,000-yuan model is launched, BYD can rely on technical advantages, so that consumers really feel that it is worth buying.

In fact, in this regard, BYD also has its own related experience. At present, it has produced corresponding deep cooperation with Daimler and Toyota. Both have a tree in the luxury field. Today, there are also integration of cooperation in BYD models. It is expected that the future model experience hit high-end, but it is challenge, but not a problem.

What kind of can’t be created by the high end of BYD?

The answer, in fact, it is written in today’s phenomenon model – BYD Han.

BYD Han, is now the phenomenon of products in the China Auto Market, according to BYD official data: BYDA’s average price of 260,000 yuan, the continuous single month sales in the past three months, have passed from the listing The accumulated sales of BYD is 50,000.

At the same time, in the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, we learned from Zhao Changjiang in the interview of Zhao Changjiang. At that time, BYD Han, the delivery of vehicles has been ranked 2021 In the end of BYD, the amount of order is still much higher than expected.

Such sales score, consumer expectation, actually made BYD Han success with Beijing Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6L three carsThe type produces competition, which is unimaginable in the traditional Chinese auto market.

The technical strength of BYD is, can be summarized as the following highlights:

1. Performance field, such as breaking hundred acceleration is 3.9 seconds, 32.8 meters 100km / h-0 The brake distance, etc., all left a visual hardware impression to consumers;

2. The blade battery, directly solves the traditional new QUOT; security quot; problem. In 2020, when I visited Chongqing Blade Battery, in the entire production system, BYD had a number of technical patents, and also made a complete set of production patents and corresponding peripheral patents, while the blade battery also had different sizes. Modular production capacity, allowing it to be equipped with different models manufacturing needs. This means that the power battery is induced. In high-end brands, power batteries may apply more advanced cutting-edge technologies.

3. Deluxe field, there is a corresponding integration of the Daimler team, with BYD himself for China’s luxury app, the enjoyable experience in BYD is highlighted, and constantly challenging the related performance of traditional luxury brands. .

Moreover, because of intelligent technology, communication technology, BYD Han has brought about progressive skills on luxury / experience. In the recent February 25th, BYD began to push the national DM owner, and the power saving function enabled the vehicle to pass through the SOC in different road conditions. Perform reasonable management, adjust the control engine and motor power distribution, and then enhance the user experience of users under different conditions. After upgrading, the DM power saving function will have two models of intelligent power saving and enforcement, and users can choose freely according to their personal needs.

This is just the beginning, and it is expected that there will be other types of models in other aspects further push the corresponding upgrade evolution. If compared with traditional cars, BYD is the evolutionary advantages of the Di Di will be further enlarged. Written in the last:

So, as a whole, we can have a relatively clear expectation on the high-end brand of BYD. The performance of the vehicle, the luxury experience of the vehicle will cross the target, and its intelligent network, smart driving, intelligent learning, intelligent evolutionary ability is expected to be a significant product difference.

Currently, BYD has a vertical integration, chip, solid battery, E2.0 pure electric platform, etc., can give high-end brands a good expectation. At this point of view, with the continued evolution of BYD, it will further change the consumer awareness, break the blind eye-catching confrontation to traditional luxury car companies, and then, the market’s pattern will happen. change.

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