BYD’s new mixed model appeared in the Guangzhou Auto Show, a box of oil ran 1000 kilometers is no longer a dream

As is well known, BYD is a domestic car company that is not available in the new energy models in the new energy model. It not only has The industry leading three-electric system, and it is also a self-ignition problem that is completely solved by the industry’s first blade battery than the power battery.

In this Guangzhou Auto Show, when everyone thinks that BYD has to release new pure electric products, it does not press the routine. Instead, I published a new plug-in mixed version of Qin Plus. I heard that it is flat, it is not a plug-in hybrid model. Is there a concern? But this is not the case, its influence does not lose the blade battery, which contains which black technology is included in the specific? May first look from the appearance.

The new car uses the Dragon Face family design language. Today, BYD pure tram type and fuel insert model have two different Dragon Face design. Thinking, the former uses a closed intake grille, with the narrow sharp headlights, it looks very futuristic, while the latter must have enough intake area due to the existence of internal combustion engines, so you can see Qin Plus plug-in front face is placed on large size quot; hairdry quot; and the headlights are more wide, compared to the pure version of the taste, it seems to be more aggressive. The BYD iconic relief design naturally does not absent, quot; Qin quot; Identification is highly identified in the silver dashboard that is inlaid on both sides of the headlights.

The side lines are simple and smooth, and they are not too obvious, so that the whole cavity will not be too young, even if they are age A slightly large consumers can also easily control. The hub size is 18 inches, and the internal shape is multi-spoke pattern, and the sports is full.

The tail is still the common LED taillights commonly used by BYD, but the details are redesigned, such as the internal lamp group is tilted vertical arrangement, and it looks more beautiful and exquisite. The bottom surrounding style is very complicated, from top to bottom with different surfaces and radians, and the design is highlighted. In addition, BYD English logo fonts in the upper center of the upper center is new design, which looks more high-end.

After the least important appearance, you can talk about the power system of this vehicle. Unlike the DM-P platform before the main performance, the Qin Plus is born from the DM-I platform. The biggest feature of the platform is the main ultra-low fuel consumption. BYD will be equipped with the power system in Qin Plus, called super mixing, the reason is super, which is a large extent because of the 1.5L engine with 43% ultra-high thermal efficiency, in order to achieve this goal, BYD applied 15.5: 1 Ultra-high compression ratio, Atkinson circulation, electric compressor, generator, and EGR exhaust gas recirculation. The maximum horsepower 110, the peak torque is 135nm, even in the loss of the loss, the fuel consumption is only 3.8L, which can be imagined that fuel economy will be further improved if in the hybrid working condition In addition, don’t look at this is the slogan of high-combing efficiency, but Qin Plus is still able to enter the 7 second club, and the powerful driving force has exceeded most of the competitive models.

In addition, the official of the battery capacity, the driving motor power, etc. is not disclosed too much detailed information, just in the transmission system. It will use the E-CVT gearbox, personal guess, this is used in the same planetary gear set structure as Toyota, because before this, BYD and Toyota have in-depth discussion in cooperation on the mixed field, and is signed a series of cooperation documents. .

Obviously, Qin Plus not only has a more mature family design, but also the power system has also pursued high performance from the past. Efficiency development, perhaps in Qin Plus, I don’t know how to accelerate the experience, but more smoothDriving experience and more beautiful fuel consumption more in line with Chinese car habits and needs. Moreover, BYD Qin Plus makes up for the Qin series in the A +-level market gap, which makes it more powerful with the joint venture brand model. If you can set a sincerity price in the future, the explosion will definitely properly.

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