Cadillac CT6 configuration upgrade price unchanged worth having

this recently, 4S shop full line of promotional Cadillac CT6 maximum discount of 1-16 million yuan, the shop is now ample car, full color, national sales, no regional restrictions!

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CT6 latest price changes quotations unit: million



sold nationwide

preferential margin

are cars

2020 models 28T fashion model


sold nationwide [ 123]

[] 2020, paragraph 123 28T elite


sold nationwide

1-15 Wan

is now ample car

28T Luxury


for sale National

1-16 Wan

is now ample car

28T luxury sport


2020, paragraph




sold nationwide

1-16 Wan

is now ample car

appearance, the 2020 Cadillac CT6 still continues the “diamond cut” their family design style , and then with the iconic “tears head” daytime running lights, highly recognizable appearance. In order to meet the aesthetic of more consumers, the new car launched dot-matrix and starburst mesh front grille two styles for your choice.

1-15 Wan is now ample car
2020, paragraph
2020, paragraph
[123 ] sale of the country 1-16 Wan is now ample car [] [] 2020, paragraph 123 123 28T leading sport
sold nationwide 1-16 Wan are cars 28T Platinum [123 ]

The interior also maintained a very high standard, compared to the Buick family vehicles like GM, this car on the grade interior to perform better Some, it uses this car is a beige interior design, for me personally, I prefer this interior design.

remarkable performance on the power, and which is mounted 3.0TV6 power 2.0T, 2.0T wherein the engine, the maximum power of 177kw, maximum horsepower 241 horsepower, the maximum torque of 350Nm; another one 3.0TV6 power, maximum power of 298kw, maximum power 405 horsepower, maximum torque of 543Nm. Telephone; 13261337870 Fengjing Li

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