Cadillac CT6 [end] impulse moving car poles, Britain went to the world

Recently, the Beijing store Cadillac CT6 full line of promotional highest combined offer 130,000 yuan, is now ample store cars, full color, selling the country, no regional restrictions, complete procedures

Tips: during the event you have access to dial the car hotline (20000) decoration spree sponsored by a factory. We take into account the foreign customers to purchase a long way to Beijing, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way train ticket to Beijing, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)] Taking into account foreign customers unfamiliar road to Beijing. To Beijing Car Free Shuttle, welcome to shop car.

[] [] 2020, paragraph 123 123 28T platinum

527 700

sold nationwide

electrical instrument lowest

is now ample car

2020, paragraph

28T leading sport

459 700

sold nationwide

electric meter minimum [ 123]

[] 2020, paragraph 123 28T luxury sport

434 700

sold nationwide

electric meter minimum

is now ample car

28T Luxury

429 700

sold nationwide

electric meter minimum

is now ample car

28T elite [123 ]

sold nationwide sufficient

[] 2020, paragraph 123 28T fashion model [ 123]

adequate electricity meter minimum

[123 ]

appearance, Cadillac CT6 shape always uses Cadillac signature diamond cut shape driving skills style, and because the body size is relatively large, so look up gas field is greater.

models guidance sold nationwide in cash benefits are cars [ 123]
is now ample car
2020, paragraph
2020, paragraph 399 700
electric meter minimum are cars 379 700 sold nationwide
are cars

The interior, CT6 interiors and Cadillac’s past is very different, the whole design into a new era, a large number of the use of leather-wrapped car is the United States Department of the usual tricks to create a luxurious atmosphere, as the new flagship of the American luxury car, CT6 also did not mean for leather, wood trim and fit on a large screen defines a new American-style luxury.

power, domestic CT6 a total of two power options, are 2.0T and 3.0T four-cylinder six-cylinder engine, and the engine matches are common in vertical position 8 production speed manual gearbox, and 2.0T with the 8L45, is matched with the 3.0T withstand greater torque to the rear wheel drive models all 8L90.2.0TMove, while the 3.0T models equipped with all-wheel-drive system.

Our commitment:

1 the highest combined offer 50,000 yuan during the event.

2. I bring ID to the owner of the shop to fill vehicle information, telephone contact sales manager overseas customers in advance to complete the formalities.

3. The Company solemn promise during the event the Company to purchase any sales models can enjoy the lowest price, buy expensive make up the difference.

4. We are formal models in the sale of all new goods vehicles. You can enjoy the Genius Warranty policy. And it can be in any country a formal 4S shop factory authorized warranty repair and maintenance as well as the first free after.

5. Beijing restriction policy because this company is now fully developed foreign markets, foreign friends come to Beijing for the success of the company car may be reimbursed for travel expenses. (With a valid ticket reimbursement of two one-way fare). !

factory outlets, price concessions, adequate cars, full color, to go nationwide, Genius

24 hours VIP Hotline: 151-0000 Mr. Koh -4686 (with micro-channels)

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