Cadillac XT4 is particularly suitable for 90: Space is good in performance

[Car News Network] In Cadillac new generation model, the sedan and SUV are divided into 4, 5, 6 three. If I want to provide a car suggestion, my opinion is: After the CT6 / XT6 is suitable for 60 and 70, the CT5 / XT5 is suitable for 70 and 80, and the CT4 / XT4 is suitable for 90.

Cadillac XT4 is a compact SUV. This level of car is most popular in my country, can be roughly divided into 3 classes MDash; mdash; 300,000 yuan, 15-.2 million yuan, 100,000 yuan. Among them, there are about 300,000 yuan, in addition to the protagonist of this article, there is Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz Gla, BMW 1 Series; 15-.2 million yuan with the most representative of Siwei, 100,000 yuan is independent brand, such as Pentium T55 , Changan European X7, Dongfeng Hyun, Haval H6, and so on.

In the 300,000 yuan camp, Cadillac XT4 is relatively low, and the guide price is 259,700 yuan. Look at the price, more than 20,000 yuan than the same case, Mdash; such as Mercedes-Benz GLA, etc. It can be actually, in the future, the price, it looks more cost-effective. For the mortgage, I will soon you have to bear the 90s of the child education cost of astronomical figures. If you want your car, you have some ldquo; grade RDQUO; and I don’t want to spend too much in purchase and use, this car is a good s Choice.

Why do you say this? Next to talk to you.

First look at the appearance: its length, wide, high 4600Times; 1881Times; 1627 mm, axial distance of 2779 mm, with an integration of 1652/1765 kg (two-drive / four-drive).

With the wheelbase and power, it is classified in the medium SUV, and it is not unable. After all, FAW-Volkswagen’s medium-sized SUV explorer, the wheelbase is only 2731 mm, while Hanland Da is only 2790 mm, only 11 mm from it.

Although the wheelbase is very close to Hanlan Da, the body is not long, so it seems very ldquo; refined rdquo; Don’t think that this word is just a visual feeling. In driving, you can discover its benefits MDash; mdash; that is a very happy driving, completely different from the large size.

Of course, the car is in detail, and many places are also treated with dynamic. For example, the ring of the ring, the side of the brunette, the two-rowless plate, double exhaust pipe, and so on.

The lamp styling is very characteristic of mdash; mdash; this is more than 10 years ago, Cadillac just entered my country, it was inherited.

Practical aspects, all car doors, all support keyless entry, use it is very convenient for MDash; mdash; many models only have front door, even drivers The door has a key to enter, in contrast, Cadillac looks quite thick.

Another advantage is that night or in the garage, approaching the vehicle, the door handle of the four doors will light.

Panoramic sunroof, roof luggage rack, back row privacy window, etc., is also the standard of the car. Among them, I think the back row privacy window is the most practical, and it seems more motivated than the film after the car.

The XT4 of 2021 is divided into six, except for 2 platinum version equipped with a 20-inch tire, the remaining 4 are 18 inches, and the specification is 235 / 55R18. In addition, the front and rear braking of the car is a ventilator.

Insert a circle, it can be seen that its appearance is not only young, fashionable, and dynamic as the theme, but also takes into account practical. Next, look at its interior, whether it meets the taste of the 90s.

Pursue sports cars, the interiors are basically black, and XT4 is no exception. However, in order to meet different preferences, the 3 models are in black interiors, and there are black + gray interiors; platinum plates are additional black + brown interiors.

No matter which color, the car can feel ldquo; light luxury rDQUO; wind MDash; mdash; in leather, wood grain patch, chrome brown strip Under cooperation, create a very elegant feel.

According to reason, emphasize the model of the motion, the central gateway is often slightly biased toward the driver, but the XT4 still uses a flat design. These two interior styles, in fact, they have their strengths, the former has LDQUO; the package is rDQUO; and the latter is very open.

The dermis multi-function steering wheel is a total standard, and it has a shift dial, and the upper and rear adjustment functions are adjusted.

The fixed speed cruise is also a total standard, and the 2 platinum version also has full speed adaptive cruise. In addition, in addition to the door level, the remaining funds have steering wheel heating, which is a very valuable configuration for most parts of our country.

The instrument panel is still a traditional style, the intermediate position is a driving computer display, only 2 platinum plates, an increase of 8 inch LCD screens.

The content of the liquid crystal screen is very complete, including vehicle information, driving settings, navigation, entertainment, and telephone.

The added header number of platinum plates is a great design. When I first contacted it a few years ago, Mercedes-Benz and other models have to rise first to a plastic board before they can projection. Cadillac directly projected on the front windshield, and the technical content of the technology is just convenient and clear, it is a full highlight.

In the lower left of the steering wheel, there are 3 selection keys,The projection content, projection, projection brightness can be controlled.

The upper part of the middle console is a standard 8-inch medium control screen. Most of the total control screen size of most joint ventures is not big. Some people think this is a shortcoming, but in fact, this is different from people to Mdash; mdash; there is certain that someone likes to appear, but it is sure that some people like this horizontal small screen. . I think that the horizontal screen is more suitable for the inner environment because it allows the driver to see if it is not drooping.

As for increasing screen size, integrating many operations including air conditioners, seems quite new tide, but in this regard, I appreciate Cadillac. design. It places a shortcut button in the central control screen. You can immediately return to the home page; the blocker of the intermediate platform, there is a set of operation keys, and the common functions have separate shortcuts. As for the comparison of fashion speech control, it is a standard configuration of the car. That is to say, physical buttons, touch screens, voice controls, three ways, you can use which one can be used according to specific situations or individual habits.

When the function in the driver, shortly test drive Cadillac CT6, and Buick brand Angwei Plus, it is introduced. It will not be repeated here.

In reverse, entry level is only reversing radar, and the rest are reversed radar + reversing images. 2 Platinum Edition also increased the front radar and the car side warning. Among them, the top with a platinum motion version with panoramic image and automatic parking.

The middle control screen is an air conditioning control panel. The car’s voice control is mainly for multimedia, navigation, and phone, and does not include air conditioning. If you don’t like to reach you, press the button, but like LDQUO; small x, small x, please open the air conditioner RDQUO; it may not satisfy you. But in my opinion, I spent three five seconds with the machine dialogue, it is better to move my hand, I can’t use it for 1 second.

On the intermediate platform, the mostThe end is the power area, the intermediate portion is a gear and a cup holder, and the end is a central armrest.

There is a sliding door in the power supply area. After opening, you can see the interface MDash; mdash; 12 volt supply, SD card slot, USB interface, TYPE-C interface.

The central armrest is very wide. The following storage box size is also very large, the mobile phone wireless charging position is here (Platinum Edition).

The operation key area at the top of the roof, and an Anji Star Rescue call key is placed. In the impression, SAIC is the first to introduce this service system into our country, and I have been in contact with it for a few years ago. I actually need MDash; mdash; near a coal mine in Taihang Mountain, encounter a wide range of bad roads, The tires are damaged by the spare tires. Through it, contact the service station outside the hundred kilometers, people have sent new tires very quickly.

Panoramic sunroof is a whole standard. In Europe and the United States, the skylight is not much, it is estimated that the adaptability changes after entering our country. But you will not like it here? I think this thing is still more reasonable.

Space, the front is 1430 mm, the driver’s high is adjustable, and the adjustment is 70 mm. In terms of seat fabrics, low a fabric is fabric + imitation leather mashup, and it is imitation leather, and it is a leather. The low-as-the-storey driver’s seat is 10 to electric movement. In addition to the entry level, the remaining seat heating is heated; high as 12 is adjustable, and the seat ventilation and massage are added.

The rear linker is 1395 mm, 930 mm high, and the chair is 490 mm long. The intermediate position has a raised, a bump height of 130 mm. The minimum spacing of 160 mm between the 5th person seat and the air outlet.

The back-row central armrest, the air outlet, the USB interface, Type-C interface are all standard.

The rear seat can be folded in segments, and the folding method is in the back of the chair.

After folding, the floor is flat, the maximum length is 1670 mm.

Single look at the baggage box, the minimum length is 850 mm, the minimum width is 990 mm, the minimum height is 660 mm. The shutter is disposed in the luggage, and the height is 400 mm under the plate.

Under the luggage floor, there is a large space, in addition to the small-size spare tires and tools, can still be rich, can store sporadic items with the car.

In addition to the entry level, the remaining funds are electric tailings and have location memory. 2 Platinum Edition increased automatic induction.

The engine of XT4 is 2.0T, the maximum power is 174 kW, the maximum torque 350 Nm. According to this, its two-drive vehicle specific power is 0.083 kW / kg, the four-wheel drive model is 0.079 kW / kW, which is very good.

The matching is a 9-speed automatic transmission, according to the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the two-wheel drive model is 7.6 liters, and the four-wheel drive model is 7.9 liters.

I just said that the comparable power, this is an important indicator for measuring automotive performance. Generally speaking, there will be better performance in cars, acceleration performance over 0.07 kW / kg or more. According to peer test, the car quad-drive version accelerated from 8.13 seconds, 40-80 km accelerated 3.4 seconds, and accelerated from 80-120 km to 5.6 seconds. I use a comfortable driving mode, the measured score is: 40-80 km acceleration 3.7 seconds, 80-120 km accelerated 6.1 seconds.

In the 6 models, the two floods and four-drives each occupied. Take the leading type as an example, the two-drive leading guidance price is 289,700 yuan, fourThe priority is 30.97 million yuan, and the phase is 20,000 yuan. These 20,000 yuan are exchanged, except for four-wheel, there are lanes, active brakes, and lanes deviate from the warning. For those who like to drive, these 20,000 yuan is worth spending.

Because, it not only has certain off-road capabilities, but also the stability in the circumference of the curve, the wet road.

In the car noise, 43.8 decibels under idle speed, 80 km of speed, 58 decibels, speed 100 km 64 decibels, speed 120 km 65 decibels.

This test drive is mainly located in Beijing, driving 85.6 kilometers, and the surface fuel consumption is 10.9 liters.

For air conditioning from morning arrival, often congestion, in average speed of less than 25 kilometers, such fuel consumption, I think it can be accepted.

In summary, the XT4 appearance and interior are more young, the mainstream configuration is basically complete, and the performance performance is satisfactory, plus the moderate price, in the luxury Among the brands, it is a very groundless car, which is easier to accept MDash; MDSH; especially after 90.

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