Caesar wanted a wild Nissan Northeast snow and ice in the snow full-line test drive Ruqierzhi

say “snow test drive” a major car brands on winter convention, in fact, for car manufacturers, this is an integral part of the annual event. December 6, 2019, the “vertical line Lingfeng Zhi Qing snow” as the theme of the Nissan test drive experience snow and ice carnival camp, officially opened in the Changbai Mountain area north of the arctic, held for three consecutive test drive of the Nissan ice as scheduled and to.

a large extraordinary beauty of the Changbai Road

Nissan snow camp test drive experience, we all like a has long been well-known friend, winter each year, we will come to its full expectations. Demon Meier and more than 60 Nissan owners from the four provinces of northeastern Mongolia, friends in the media convergence Changchun, together with a drive to the “Millennium snow years loose, straight on the first peak of the world” reputation of Changbai Mountain. Here it is definitely a tour of the Holy Land, especially in the spring and autumn three quarters, broad grasslands, dense forests, but winter came to Changbai Mountain, is entirely another scene.

With aspirations to challenge the limits of snow and ice, a team of people drove more than three hundred kilometers from Changchun to Changbai Mountain, looking north along the way boundless snowy scenery, all people enjoy intoxicated. After reaching the Changbai Mountains, close to the organizers arranged a spa experience polar temperature difference. Tiring day dissipated in a puddle of warm water without a trace, leaving us for the next day’s test drive experience adds how many expectations.

The next morning, in the snow along the Changbai Mountain ski Luneng launched Nissan snow test drive. The so-called snow test drive, is in extremely cold conditions, the test vehicle’s driving dynamics. Although previous Nissan is mostly snow and ice on the ice driving, but this time is different than in previous years, Nissan all cars, way up, X-Trail, Qashqai, Teana, Sylphy, with many guests Fun with ice and snow. Such a test drive experience, enough to prove that the car manufacturers of the product itself, dynamic handling and ride quality with full confidence.

tough guy pure blood-Trail without fear of snow and ice

As we all know, driving in ice and snow,There are two very important factors. A four-wheel drive system, the other is electronic aids. Before the test drive, test drive on-site guest coach for a complete test drive train; in the test drive, there are also coaches the team to be professional support. In the process of in-depth exploration vehicle control skills with customers, the SUV family, each “performance monster”, the potential for re-release.

Nissan “SUV family” all-star lineup of the way up, the X-Trail, Qashqai, at an S-bend staged a match-ups. Meier test drive the demon is the X-Trail 2020 models, equipped with 2.5L strongest mode 4×4-i intelligent all-wheel-drive system and a dual C-VTC continuously variable valve timing intelligent control system inline four-cylinder engine with 4times ; 4-i intelligent all-mode four-wheel drive system enough to calmly deal with snow and ice roads. Has three driving modes freely switch, can achieve a key off-road mode direct conversion with you the very best in the world, and indulge in the whole world.

Although this is the first time the demon Meier test drive ice and snow, but not really in fear. The intelligent all-wheel-drive mode to adjust LOCK mode, the system automatically will be maintained at around 50:50 front and rear torque, easily got rid of snow and ice slippery road conditions. X-Trail in IRC intelligent vehicle stability control system is turned on, the vehicle would be appropriate to intervene in accordance with the transmission power of the tire slip case and body travel trends, make the car more smoothly forward, giving the driver a sense of security firmly.

In the past year, the Nissan continued to rack up sales performance, won the Northeast “SUV family” sales ranked first. In which the X-Trail and Qashqai two models, both in continuing to lead the SUV market. After the product feel hard to verify the strength of Nissan, afternoon ski entertainment let us feel the genuineness of the idea you want to convey Nissan, “Nissan technical people middot; car middot; life.”

Guiche: Dongfeng Nissan in the near minus 30deg; the arctic debut, with the vast snow Changbai Mountain, once again proved Nissan excellent quality and perfect control of the entire vehicle system. a new Year,Nissan will continue to apply new technologies and breakthrough technologies in the Chinese market, to provide a better car life experience to us. The future, we expect Nissan will continue its efforts to provide more quality products and services to more Chinese consumers.

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