Can run, Porsche, Porsche

If you hold a million car budget, choose Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8L This kind of administrative luxury sedan will feel too serious, if you choose a sports car, you will feel the practicality is not enough, then Is there a model of practicality, performance, and controlled, the answer is yes, and the Porsche Palamera is a good choice.

Aspect, Paramera inherits 911 classic design elements, and the appearance is very attractive. The new Paramera uses a new style of bumpers and matrix headlights, which are replaced with a larger area of ​​intake grill, and the identity is in close one step.

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[ 123] The side of the body is very smooth, and there is a stylish breath in the luxury car, and the shape of the slope has also added a good movement.

PANAMERA and PANAMERA 4 model mounted 2.9T V6 double turbocharged engine, maximum power 330HP, peak torque 450 nmiddot; M, GTS model is equipped with 4.0TV8 double turbocharged engine, maximum power 480HP, 0-100km / h acceleration time 3.9 seconds, while Turbo S model maximum power 630HP, peak torque 820 nmIDDOT; M, 0 -100KM / h acceleration time 3.1 seconds Matching the PDK dual clutch gearbox, which is very powerful.

Porsche Pallamera combines the gene of luxury cars and sports cars, which found a good balance between luxury and sports, providing users with diversification The vane scene and needs are a near perfect luxury sedan.

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