Can the new car film really protect the car paint? Which car maintenance can do it yourself?

After the new car landed, the owner is the most concerned about a deputy-new original paint can not protect it, but the first thing we have to know is that the car paint is relative. Reliable, but the car is in the outer sun, the rain, the birds, or other debris will be inevitably corroded.

If you really love your vehicle, you want to protect the car paint to the maximum extent, then in the new car, it is indeed the effect of protecting the car paint. However, it is also mentioned that the good body film is not cheap, the main cost is still manual. Generally, some film, all car stickers, the price is not equal to thousands to tens of thousands. In addition, your car insurance payment itself does not include a film, so when you love the car, you still need to pay it again.

Now that the electronic intelligence configuration on the car is getting more and more rich, and various signal lights on the instrument panel are more complex, different brand signal lights. It is also very different. However, for a vehicle, these signal lights involving mechanical operation must not be ignored, first is the engine-related fault light, including engine fault lights, oil alarm lights, water temperature alarm lamps, engine normal operation is not allowed Lubrication and temperature, followed by the steering system of the vehicle, the brake system. Finally, the fault lights that cannot be ignored are also tire pressure alarm lights, battery alarm lights, ESP alarm lights and ABS alarm lights. In fact, as long as there is a fault light, Xiaobian strongly recommends that everyone will repair it immediately, otherwise it will only be more Draw seriously.

It may be different people who can do it yourself. However, these small maintenance mentioned below, which can be called “entry-level” maintenance for most owners. For example, replace the air filter and air conditioner filter, which is actually a very simple accessory, and it is not expensive to purchase the price online, usually can be bought within 100 yuan.

But ifTo replace it in the 4S shop, the accessories fee is plus working hours, generally the price exceeds 200 yuan. Second, it is to replace the rain scraping, the friction between the rain squeezes and the glass itself is easy to cause loss, and the rain scraping is rubber products, and long-term exposure will also accelerate aging. So the general situation, it will be replaced once or one year. However, it is necessary to note that there are three classes that disassemble the rain scraping. When purchasing online, you need to consult clearly, avoid unnecessary trouble. Finally, how to replace the air filter, air conditioner filter, and rain scraping, I will not express it on the text. After all, you will directly enter the “model model” online, it will be more intuitively and easy to understand.

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