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Car brake pads for a few years? Maintenance factory change or 4S change?

Normally, the life of the brake pad is 2-30,000 kilometers. When you have traveled 2-30,000 kilometers from your last change brake pad, then you need to repair the factory to change the brake pad.

The brake pads will be thinner after use, when the brakes, will feel that they can’t do it, and they will make a sound, which should go to the repair factory for new brakes as soon as possible. sheet.

Because each owner’s driving mode is different, the degree of loss of components is also different. Therefore, the service life of the vehicle parts will be different, such as the routine life of the brake pad is 2-30,000 kilometers, but the maintenance can be used 4-500,000 kilometers. If driving often step on the brakes, in this case, the brake pads may be scrapped less than 2-30,000 kilometers, and it is necessary to change in advance.

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