Car champion decade, a comprehensive analysis of Geely Dorsett secret behind the super-million-selling

As we all know, its own brand cars in the SUV market share, much higher than the sedan. Data show own-brand SUV market share of 52.7 percentage, but only 19.9 percentage cars. In the car market, still 10 million level car joint venture occupy the mainstream, Sylphy, Sunny, Corolla these hot models, all are not to be trifled ruthless role.

However, the Chinese automobile market there have been such a strange phenomenon, that is, own-brand cars collective misfiring, only Imperial ushered highlight moment of their own. Geely Dorsett has become a unique presence on the market in November this year, Geely Dorsett car sales reached 25,440 vehicles this year from January to November total sales of 265,821 vehicles, continue to lead the Chinese brand cars, the largest Chinese brand car sales crown.

Dorsett success inevitably caused by market concern, because the reasons for the success of the Imperial research, the development of Chinese-brand cars will have a strong reference.

Geely Dorsett iteration of the year and keep the product competitive, successful primary reason

Dorsett the reason why focused, first of all because the product has a powerful force advancing. When its own brand of common safety standards is relatively low, the Imperial sedan is China’s first meet C-NCAP five-star and the European E-NCAP four-star standard models; the intelligent configuration began to spread when the Imperial took the lead voice control , car WIFI and other configurations compact car introduced in; in recent years, advanced driver assistance systems has become a new trend, Imperial sedan will be the first time in ACC adaptive cruise the same level models, pre-collision system, the L2 smart driving accessibility. It can be said Imperial sedan will constantly compact car safe altitude, configure a highly intelligent highly rising, leading the development of a compact car.

In contrast with the level of the joint venture vehicle, but it is very stingy configuration, even the high-allocation model as well. For example, Nissan Sylphy newest, all models without electronic handbrake, all models without paced life, the two most common and basic configuration missing, so consumers have very disappointed to know that these configurations Just a few years ago It has becomeDorsett is configured for. Dorsett each upgrade to lead the industry breakthrough, giving users a more extreme value of experience.

Geely Dorsett rely on family matrix, occupying various market segments, successful second reason

[ 123] In addition, relying on the Imperial family matrix, continue to occupy all market segments. It has launched a A + Class sedan Dorsett GL, crossover SUV Imperial GS, plus the Imperial flagship A-Class, forming a triangle unparalleled combination of both. In November, total sales for the Imperial family 39003, 1 November, the Imperial family, the cumulative sales reached 366,627, of which Dorsett, Dorsett Regency GL and GS three models are each leading to different market segments.

relying on each other and supported through three models and further improve product competitiveness. But will such a product family matrix strategy to a new height, to other brands of product planning and direction of its development.

Turning to China market, “family” of models, such as Volkswagen Lavida family, long comfortable moving family. Sunny sedan version only the best-selling, while Long lines Long Habitat almost no sense of presence. And long comfortable moving product positioning close to the family, there is no marked impact on the market. So they are hard to be called a true “Family.” Real “family-oriented” strategy is not more than anyone else’s car, is not much more than a model of a sales volume of. But to see who accurate positioning of the product, who can be competitive differentiation in different market segments. There is no doubt that the Imperial family, is the “first family” China’s auto market.

Geely Dorsett came in 2009, 10-year heritage of the brand, reputation millions of users, is the third reason for the success of the

since the advent of 2009, Imperial has been selling in the Chinese market for 10 years, and seven times aspirations to own-brand car sales champion, has accumulated 272 million users reputation. Dorsett users are fighting generation, is constantly up by their own efforts, and progressive spirit of Geely brand coincides with Geely over byKyrgyzstan League, up marathon and other activities, the intention to communicate and users, but also allows users to have a sense of participation, such linkage and ultimately the way Dorsett geometric volume growth. Any hot models on the global market, are also a similar approach. For example, Sylphy, golf, Corolla are handed down from generation to generation, it has a huge mass base.

In contrast most of the own-brand vehicles, capable of generation to generation, and continued for 10 years is not a lot of models. The idea is that manufacturers continue to introduce new models and then the layout of the different market segments more models, so more and more own-brand cars in number, and the name is varied, the consumer remember remembering. Although the idea is good, but each model are unfamiliar to consumers. The Imperial is not the same, 10 years, so that the image of “national car” is already deeply rooted.

Summary: 10-year championship car brand to hit the road

car invisible industry is like a marathon, shift. In the joint venture vehicle occupy the mainstream car market, Imperial became the only one able to take car sales TOP list of domestic models, proves Imperial own-brand cars leader’s strength. This is due to the strength of the auspicious product development, production, configuration, manufacturing process diligently pursue; family of products derived from the matrix for each market segment, obsessed different consumers; reputation accumulated from millions of users, 10 years from generation to generation models.

Now, as the leader of own-brand cars, has been victorious Imperial family, and have a first-line joint venture model comparable to the strength, the interpretation of Geely Automobile continue to pursue the “up” the spirit of the brand.

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