Car exhaust pipe is white smoke, not necessarily all “normal phenomena”

When the car is in normal idle and driving, the exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust pipe is basically a colorless gas, which will not let us know clearly. But we will also find that the individual vehicle exhaust pipe will be , and the smoke is different colors. Some cars are white smoke, some are blue, and some cars will even take black smoke. Exhaust pipe sweys, the outsiders may look for a lively, but the owner will look very anxious, I don’t know if my car is a big problem.

Experienced driver knows that the car’s blue smoke can basically identify the vehicle
, whether it is a sealing problem of the piston ring, or the oil oil extraction, etc. It may cause a burning oil and exhaust pipe to catch a blue smoke.

If the car exhaust gas is black, and the engine jitter is large, there are many reasons for the engine, affecting the results.

However, the white smoke is easily ignored by the owners. Because in rainy days or in winter, it is the most common. Generally, because the external ambient temperature is low, the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe encounters low temperatures to condense into a water mist.

Many car owners see that they have white smoke in their exhaust pipes, and it will not be too worrying, because most of them are normal, and vehicles do not have faults.
Does the car are not a white smoke?

Of course not!

In addition to low temperature weather, the case where the water mist may occur, in fact, the white smoke of the vehicle exhaust pipe may also be due to fault problems. If the exhaust pipe of the car is still a large white smoke in conventional temperatures, it is probably that there is water in the engine cylinder with the operation of the engine.
There is a similar problem, most causes are engines, resulting in gaps. In addition, and similar problems can also cause similar problems. In this case, the water of the heat dissipation system will enter the combustion chamber. After the heat is heat, it becomes a water vapor from the exhaust pipe.

However, if it is such a problem, there will be a white smoke after the exhaust pipe hot car, and the white smoke has a long time.

However, there is a white smoke shortly when the vehicle is started, and as the hot car disappears, it belongs to normal phenomena, not a failure.

So, if the exhaust pipe is white smoke due to, or the engine cylinder body injury, it is necessary to check the engine cylinder and the cylinder pad. If there is a serious problem, the relevant part needs to be replaced in time to avoid further damage to the engine.

In addition, exhaust pipes can also be a white smoke may be due to the addition of private gas stations. If water is doped in inferior gasoline, then this part is injected into the combustion chamber. The water cannot be combusted, and can only be discharged from the exhaust pipe to form white fog. If you have added gasoline containing water or other impurities, it is prone to dynamic decline and accelerate weakness.

If such an unable driving experience is at the same time as white smoke, it is necessary to discharge gasoline in the fuel tank as soon as possible, and exchange the qualified high quality gasoline to see if the problem can be resolved. If you resolve, you can continue to travel.

In summary, the drum of the car sometimes like talking, the different smoke will also reflect different fault problems. If you encounter the corresponding problem, it is recommended that the owner Treated as soon as possible, because the small fault does not process, the time will become a big fault.

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