Car four positions Do not move, it looks cool, but buried security risk!

Some modifications were experienced riders are mostly better understanding of modified and also have plenty of money before choosing the best conversion program, as an ordinary riders want a simple modification to achieve the purpose, then there are some not easily modified things!

1: retrofit hub

Usually low-end small car wheel size and simple style, consider the case of some riders have modified wheel. If it spared no expense to choose a professional rim shop please professional chefs modified okay, but we need to note that: a modified security, successful work is to have the perfect solution to come up with enough money in. First, the quality of the hub to that particular concern, or if it is inferior counterfeit hub mainly the strength is likely, if a high speed in everyday driving protrusions or by some unusual Goukan ranging from the hub, then deformed out of round , General spokes directly broken, and this is in the road way. Danger can be imagined. There is some collision accidental daily, if the original wheel hub is the result of quality testing to meet the strength requirements, but is likely to hit the poor quality of the hub cracking!

Another problem is the size generally selected modified large than the original car 1 inch, preferably 10mm broad tires, will directly lead to too large turning radius becomes smaller, whereby face unexpected situations can not be processed in time! Of course, big wheels, thin tires will sacrifice a lot of comfort, fuel consumption will increase some. And low-profile tires than go highway is likely to cause damage to the tires.

2: lights modification

The most common situation is changing halogen xenon gas, but the quality of people concerned about the lights not many, if unfortunately chose poor quality xenon lamp, it may happen that: wattage is too large to overload and short circuit even spontaneous combustion, resulting in poor heat tube temperature is too high, there is poor sealing results in water lamp causing a short circuit, leakage and the like. In short, willing to spend money or to choose the brand of lamps to be modified, another point is that we must add Xenon lens, lens without a lot of light will shine straight to the head driver of the car, even titanium can also be eye according to blind, not only affect their driving safety will influence others.

In addition to xenon gas is changed to change a number of red, blue,What angel eyes, devil eyes light bulb, the brightness of these lights, far less than the original lamp illumination, resulting in poor light will travel in a large degree of sight is limited, affecting traffic safety. Other riders to cool the installation of the car dome light, grille lights, which is in the city or normal road driving is absolutely prohibited, and some professional riders play car dome light or assist lamp in the installation of off-road vehicle, the lights are in the wild off-road use in order to improve visibility was definitely not used in the daily running!

3: modified surrounded

Most people like to kind of exaggerated performance cars surrounded, causing some civilian handlebar own enclave change is very fierce, exaggerated style. There are generally surrounded by the original car exchange directly remove the siege and in the original car surrounded posted add new surrounded in two ways. First, the original car is surrounded by a certain degree of shock absorbing properties (to protect pedestrian safety), and surrounded by modified if excellent cushioning not easy to say, and in particular the sharp edges and corners will increase the level of pedestrian injuries in the event of a crash . And some modifications need to change surround bumper, bumper important Needless to say!

plus harm paste is surrounded way over time, the glue will slowly fail, if it is surrounded by high-speed way to get rid of high-speed impact on the other vehicle, then it is not a small power ah, posted in the trunk of a small ldquo; duck tail rdquo; also many hazards and surrounded posted is the same!

4: NOS modification

This is a bit more NB modification, but also more dangerous modification, some of the young blood from inspiration look for Speed ​​movie, complete refit Nitrous the car accelerated fast thief. NOS system works is that the (N2O) ldquo; nitrous oxide rdquo; high temperature catalytic decomposition out oxygen input to the combustion engine, but if used improperly can cause permanent damage to the cylinder. And what a strong force so much strength that can not meet the original car, a lot of pieces to be strengthened to install up, but the power is not an ordinary person can control the sudden outbreak of living, not professionally trained riders can easily lead to car crash accident. This is today’s 4:00 which says most burn is the most dangerous!

Some of the original carIs set to meet the basic daily needs of some of the settings, and modify some of the decoration, does not affect the traffic does not matter what the system, but the impact of traffic system of things I did not so simple, no in-depth understanding of a friend or been modified Do not try it is good!

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