Car lacquer maintenance: waxing, sealing glaze, the advantages and disadvantages of coating

Talking about the painting surface maintenance of the car, waxing, sealing glaze, coating, etc., everyone is not strange, but they are fine and good, I believe that many owners don’t know, today is car friends Simple popular science, waxing, sealing glaze, and coating differences.

The difference between ingredients and effects

The main components of the wax come from oil, and it is not smooth, sticky with hand. There will be greasy feelings in your hand. The role of waxing is mainly dirt on the surface of the car, and increases the brightness.

The main components of the glaze are also derived from oil, and the glaze is injected inside the lacquer through the special machine, thereby forming a similar network protective layer, to a certain extent, isolated on the ultraviolet, isolated air oxidation, And reducing the function of acid rain, etc.

The main component of the membrane is a substance called glass cellulose. It is known to be a nitris nitrogen, which is present in a liquid form in a liquid form. After cure, the transparent protective layer is formed on the surface of the car paint. Isolate the damage of the external substance to the paint surface, but because the protective layer itself has a certain hardness, it is more good for the protective effect of the car paint.

Differences in the operation step

Waxing process is relatively simple, first cleaning the body is clean, then the wax is in the paint surface The law is disconnected. In this process, the dirty particles remaining on the paint surface itself were ground, followed by rubbing the wax with a dry cloth, and the entire operation was completed.

Unlike wax, the sealing glaze also needs polishing after car wash (except for new cars), polishing is rubbing the polishing agent with the polishing machine with the help of the polishing machine, and placed to remove the paint The dirt of the face, the smooth paint surface, but the drawback of this method is that the paint will be thin, so a normal paint can only be polished for about 6-10 times. After the polishing is completed, the creamy glaze will enter the paint inside the paint through a dedicated machine, repeated multiple times, make the glaze enter the car paint.

Coating is the most troublesome in three kinds of car paint maintenance, not only should be carried, polished, but also to perform a degreasing treatment, the polishing agent used during polishing is completely removed on the paint surface. To ensure the good absorption of the coatingAttachment, after completing this link, then a liquid film is evenly applied to the surface of the car paint, then the high temperature grilled, forming a transparent and hard protective film, and the coating is completed.

In general, the coating can be done once a year. Of course, the sealing glaze is also a method of protecting the paint. Compared with the coated ldquo; mask RDQUO; the seal glaze can only be considered to be a layer of sunscreen, so, in the case of no coating, it has to be glaze every three months. As for waxing, more role is to give the car paint, it is like a layer of powder when it is a beautiful makeup. Therefore, waxing does not calculate a method of protecting the paint, just make the car paint more beautiful. And this beautiful view can only last for a few days. Therefore, the time of waxing is preferably a week.

The above is about some small knowledge of the coating, sealing glaze, waxing, you can choose maintenance items according to your needs. In addition, the daily maintenance of the car can also play an important role in the protection of the paint. For example, try not to let the car expose under the sun, do not stop the car under the tree at night, so as to avoid the acid of the plant secretion, the alkaline substance causes corrosion to the car paint. When the weather is turned off after the rain, you must remember to wash the car. Because of a lot of acidic substances in rainwater, these substances will cause serious injury to the body and paint. If it is not dealt in time, long time, the body will lose gloss, affecting the beautiful.

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