Car “smart” attribute increased homogenization Xiaopeng cars rely Win?

For Xiaopeng cars, the “intelligence” is a term which is often mentioned. Because it seems Xiaopeng car, smart car not only saves the user more time and effort, while differentiating product features to develop new user habits, thereby increasing user stickiness, build barriers to competition for the brand.

At the same time, Xiaopeng also believe that the current car in the end product, build the infrastructure and technology needed for smart car more mature; in the end market, consumer demand for intelligent car awakening; in the industry end, whether it is a new force repairer, or traditional automotive OEMs are increasingly attach importance to the development of intelligent features and technology, and these are harbingers of the smart car has a good development opportunities.

can not help someone talked about this question, in the car to the “new four modernizations” development today, car prices were talking about intelligence, that intelligence Xiaopeng car What are the characteristics of its products with other brands, what is the difference? The face of this problem, Ji Yu, vice president of automotive and Wu Xiaopeng gives the answer in the new universe recent “1024 Xiaopeng smart car technology sharing day” in.

the technical aspects of independent research and development

First, in view Xiaopeng car, smart car is to build the foundation for the technical aspects of independent research and development. Earlier, the chairman and CEO Xiaopeng Xiaopeng car started internal letter also mentioned in the New Year this year: “I firmly believe that independent research and development, in particular the development and operation of intelligent cars are the future Xiaopeng create differential advantage, to the core of globalization engine. “

It is reported that, in terms of independent research and development, currently has a car Xiaopeng perception, positioning, planning, decision-making core algorithm research and development capabilities. At the same time, the car has established a car Xiaopeng end, data processing and analysis capabilities of the cloud can be achieved based on actual data fast iterative algorithm for optimizing performance of the vehicle by OTA.

data show that as of the end of September 2019, Xiaopeng G3 by six OTA upgrade, an increase of 55 functions, as well as the 1638 feature optimization and upgrading. Which not only added a number of features such as intelligent navigation, Sentinel mode, while optimizing the ACC adaptive cruise control, multi-scene automatic parking system, online music services and charging services and other functions.

It is worth mentioning that, after Xiaopeng car chief scientist Guo Yandong said in an interview with net buying a car, car Xiaopeng after obtaining the user’s data, it can update the smart model, iterative upgrade, all this is because of self-development capabilities, have their own R & D capabilities to be able to do the upgrade and iterative functions.

In addition, the car Xiaopeng also self-development of AI visual solutions. According to Ji Yu introduced Xiaopeng car AI intelligent vision system will be intelligent cockpit interior and exterior environment-aware functionality floor, forming a closed loop to interact with the driver, passengers and the environment inside and outside the car.

and R & D needs for localization of the user function

In addition to self-development technology, automotive Xiaopeng think another feature of the smart car is based on the needs of users build. Ji Yu in view, compared to function in order to fill product configuration table, car Xiaopeng want more R & D is the user really like, with high awareness, high frequency of use features. Meanwhile, Ji Yu believes that this will be where the difference between Xiaopeng cars with other car brands.

at a high level automatic driving assistance, for example, car Xiaopeng think users need is a high-availability, high-scene coverage of the driver assistance function, which requires realistic scenarios.

Wu introduced to the new universe, the current road situation in China is very special, such as a variety of vehicles and Chinese-style cross the road and other acts, so that the vehicle is running very low efficiency. Road environment so Xiaopeng car in R & D at the beginning, for the Localization of the domestic habits of the driver and complicated traffic environments were studied, proposed a solution suitable for local road conditions.

In addition, the car Xiaopeng also analyzed data found in the current domestic car scene in the city, parking is difficult is a serious problem, especially for novice drivers and part of the parking technology is not good a driver. Therefore, a large Internet data Xiaopeng car produced by the accumulation of constant testing, to create a Chinese driving environment developed automatic parking system. It is reported, the system can identify the side of the current parking, rhombic spaces, and have a border and to achieve autonomous parking spaces.

It is worth mentioningYes, Wu Zhou said, compared to Tesla, the biggest advantage Xiaopeng car that is focused only on the Chinese scene, while Tesla is unlikely to focus on the Chinese scene as localization force. “We advantages to Chinese users concerned can continue to enlarge, resulting in differentiation.” Wu Zhou says.

hardware architecture prospective

At the same time, the hardware architecture prospective car Xiaopeng also be seen as a differentiation in terms of build smart car . Specifically, unlike traditional ADAS L2 architecture can not be upgraded to operate independently, Xiaopeng G3 is the first use of the autopilot architecture of mass production, its most important feature is to have a central computing platform, the system has the ability to upgrade and expand, you can upgrade data capabilities, the ability to map, scalable expansion capability via OTA.

In this regard, Wu Zhou said the new hardware architecture to ensure a forward-looking autopilot system continued iteration. Meanwhile, Wu Xiaopeng Zhou also revealed that the car’s second production car Xiaopeng P7 also has a forward-looking hardware architecture, which not only supports XPILOT 3.0, while the hardware basis for future iterations can be upgraded with the OTA to XPILOT 4.0. It is reported that, XPILOT 4.0 will have automatic driver assistance function for city road conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the car Xiaopeng autopilot evolution line with China’s road scene and driving habits, has a clear, production-tempo R & D, production lead time can be clearly and city scenes autopilot time.

Currently, Xiaopeng G3 has XPILOT 2.5 automatic driving assistance capabilities, while in 2020 the production Xiaopeng P7 having xpilot speed automatic driving and sensing system 360 3.0 automatic driving assistance capability. In addition, with independent lane change ability XPILOT 3.5 high-speed automatic driving and parking self-parking capacity is launched in 2021, and in 2023, XPILOT 4.0 for urban traffic will have automatic driver assistance function realization.

In summary not difficult to see cars Xiaopeng independent research and development in technology, and based on user demand for R & D localization features, and hardware architecture are forward-lookingIs the difference compared to where the other car brands, and this is just Xiaopeng had repeatedly indicated that, as a new force repairer, if we can not make a difference on intelligence, our competitiveness in Where is it?

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