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Carolla: The highest discount of 15,000, the discount is better than the Lereon is better?

Hello everyone, I am your voyage guide, come today with everyone to talk to the market. FAW Toyota-Carolla. Since 1966, Corolla has sold in 55 years and has been sold in 6 consecutive years. Its 2021 models are listed in the beginning of this year. Today we will talk about it.

The sales volume, the dual engine version is inconvenient

Carolla is one of the most important models of Toyota, it Sales have always been more stable, reputation and quality are also very good. According to the news from a 4S shop from Beijing, the monthly sales volume of FAW Toyota single store last month, where Carlola sold 44 units, probably accounted for a quarter of the total sales. In combination with the store sales situation, the best selling is 2021 two-engine 1.8L E-CVT Elite and 2021 1.2T S-CVT elite Plus version, white is a hot color. Double engine 1.8L E-CVT Elite Edition belongs to the double engine with version, 100 kilometers fuel consumption 4.1L, like reversing images, electric sunroof, keyless access, automatic air conditioning these common configurations. 1.2T S-CVT Elite Plus version is 1.2T low-parallel version, cheaper than the deluxe version is 7,000 yuan, configuring less front keyless entry, rear seat outlet / cup holder / two charging port configuration. The cost-effective price of the two cars is good, but it is necessary to pay attention to a problem behind it, that is, the hot sale is insufficient. If you look at the 1.2T S-CVT elite Plus version, you don’t have to waste. But if you look at the two-engine 1.8L E-CVT Elite version, it takes about 30 days to wait for 30 days.

What kind of car will be considered?

The 60% of the Buy Carolla Surveus is a net approximately home, and the family is a hosted family. The first purchase is more. They bought a car demand is low, the price is cheap, and the posture is cheap.

We have a simple summary, and people who buy Carolla will also consider Toyota Ling and Volkswagen Sagitar.

Some people are more satisfied with Toyota brand, so they will compare between Rayling and Carolla. They bought a car too high, mainly to buy a child to buy a child, good to open cheap, and low maintenance costs This is where the main reference is. The functional configuration of the two cars is almost, but it feels better that Rayling appearance is better. According to the salesperson, the last month of Lingli is really about 1,000 yuan in Corolla, so there is also the case of choosing Rayling to abandon Carolla.

Volkswagen Sagitar believes that everyone knows that most people buy cars and compare them. These people want to replace the old car to take home, usually to go to get off work. Listening to friends, I will try to drive Carolla, and the appearance is very long, and there are many driving assistance functions and vehicle functions. In terms of price, the Sagitar has recently been cheaper than Carolla, but they value the fees such as later fuel consumption.

In the end, these people choose Carolla, and we will summarize the reason for three points: 1, low fuel consumption, low maintenance. 2, the current preferential situation is good. 3, the appearance is very long.

What is the highest offer to buy it? Which way is more appropriate?

According to our latest news from the 4S store, the best 2021 1.2T S-CVT elite Plus version is currently sold as an example. It currently carries more than 10,000 discounts, replacement subsidies. 3,000 yuan. There are three ways to buy a car:

1, the full purchase, the guide price is 128,800 yuan on the basis of 12,000 yuan, plus the purchase tax 9983 yuan + insurance premium 4000 yuan + onboard fee of 2,000 yuan, landing price 130,000;

2, installment, discounts and full models, current manufacturers have 40% less interest-free and 60% Two years of interest-free financial policy, and there is no handling fee, plus the amount of money required to purchase taxes, insurance premiums, upper cards, etc. If the down payment is 40%, there are 12 options, the down payment is 4,6720 yuan, the month is 5840 yuan. If the down payment of 60%, there is a 24 issue, the down payment is 70080 yuan, the month is 1947 yuan;

3, the old car replacement,This kind of bought car is the largest, cash discount 12,000 yuan + replacement subsidies 3,000 yuan, plus the amount of money that purchase tax, etc., landing about 130,000.

We found 2021 1.2T s from the current comparative mainstream used car platform. -CVT Pioneer version, it is about 123,000 yuan in the same year, less than 1 year driving 25,000 kilometers, the offer is 108,900 yuan, the new car is about 14,000 yuan.

Vehicle maintenance section, Corolla once a small maintenance fee is about 530 yuan, the medium security (change oil filter, air conditioning filter) is approximately 660 yuan, and the maintenance cost is around 1050 yuan. In terms of maintenance cycle, the official suggests a maintenance per 100,000 km or 6 months, and the first maintenance is free. We use a large car cycle with a large car cycle, and the maintenance costs that need to be paid for 60,000 kilometers is probably 3,945 yuan. If it is 20,000 kilometers per year, the average annual payment fee is approximately 1315 yuan.


Toyota caulo appearance, power, safety performance is good, currently buying a car offer is also good, and there is no handling fee, no interest. Many people buy a car comparison between Rayling and Carolla, these two car function configuration, power is similar, mainly different is the appearance, interiors, and the same configured Rayling price is slightly more than Carolla. In terms of preferential situation, Carolla is currently more than 10,000 discounts, and Rayling is currently about 20,000 yuan. So returning to the title question, why is Carolla sell better? First of all, Carolla has a longer time in China, and the idea of ​​the first-income, which should affect the decision of consumers to buy. Second, it is a popularity, influence, and Corolla is better, which should be a key factor affecting sales comparison.

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