Caution: This eight used car parts most likely to accumulate failure

spend less than half the price of new cars, they will be able to own a used car own car, though the car was unable to meet the standards of the new car, but fully able to meet the daily normal use. But, after all, used car is a used car, many auto parts vulnerable, these people will be very troubled, following small talk with everyone, used car parts which easily go wrong.

1, brake pads

as an important component of the brake pad braking system is very important, if the brake failure, in case of emergency, the brakes can not be timely with very serious consequences, and even affect safety. Used car brake pads due to the long-term use, can be easily damaged, so be sure to check and replace the brake pads, brake pads if the thickness is less than 0.6 cm must be replaced.

2, the spark plug

The spark plug is an important part of an automobile ignition system, and as an automobile engine complex fuel combustion, Used car spark plug problem prone. Spark plug aging, will make the engine deposits increased cylinder malfunction, but also makes the car more difficult to start the car in cold state, with a clear sense of frustration while driving, idling jitter

3. Oil filter

Function oil filter is to filter the oil, the oil remains clean, extend the period, to protect the engine. In the second-hand car, the oil filter after long-term use, can cause problems, not the oil filter properly, it will cause the car to the lubrication system failure, increased wear of the components of a series of problems to. So you must check the used car oil filter, timely replacement. When usually every oil change, oil filter must be replaced.

The air cleaner 4

The air cleaner main function is to filter the air sucked in the engine to prevent the intake of dust and process particles and other impurities. In the long-term use, the oil filter is prone to problems.

Therefore, the air cleaner used car requires careful examination. If the vehicle frequently travel to dust, large contaminated areas, it is best to replace the air filter.

5. The fuel filter

Function fuel filter is to filter impurities in the fuel, the combustion engine is supplied more pure gasoline. Because my country is now the uneven quality of gasoline now, serious damage to fuel filter, used car therefore should pay more attention to check the fuel filter.

6. Battery

automotive electrical equipment is battery powered device, if the battery aging or malfunction, automotive electrical equipment can not be used normally. Battery is usually 2 – 3 years as the case may be replaced, so the need to carefully inspect the used car batteries. In normal use, when the vehicle is turned off, you can minimize the use of electrical equipment to prevent loss of battery power.

7, the tire

because of driving habits, different everyday road driving, the extent of damage to the tire is difficult to determine. Used car tires due to the prolonged use, so it is prone to problems, need to be carefully checked. When tread depth less than 1.6 mm, or has reached the tread wear indicator, the tire must be replaced.

8, the wiper blade

wiper by environmental impact is relatively large, long-term exposure will accelerate rubber aging, used cars because have been used, or long-term parking, wiper agree with the problem, when the wiper makes strange noises or circumstances arise scratch is not clean, it needs to be replaced.

These are error-prone hand car parts, I hope everyone in the purchase of second-hand car, careful attention.

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