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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival Innovation BMW IX3 on Guangzhou Poly Square

Mid-Autumn Festival is near, not home, live up to the beautiful season, and feel the fun of holiday time and life experience with your family.

Poly Square located at the third line of Guangzhou Metro Line 8, Line 4 and Wan Sheng, a very good card point, and there is no sports in traffic. The crowd in the west is the same, it is equipped with drinking, and there should be everything. Poly Square is a homogenic center of Guangzhou Net red card, gathering net red group singer “Xiaoyu” and other singers.

After eating enough, not only can you look at the movie, but also go to the electrical competition to play the e-sports, you can also experience the popular luxury car show! As the BMW brand of the German “Three Drivers” will be strongly entered the Poly Square, so that more consumers can experience the charm of BMW brands while shopping on the street, and this BMW brand brings a hot new new Energy car IX3.

BMW IX3 serves as the first pure electric SUV in BMW, has received attention since the listing, and it is also the sales model of BMW new energy models. It has a long-lived number of 600 kilometers. Mileage, BMW latest pure electric technology, as well as excellent super-control performance. At the 2021, the BMW IX3, which is medium-term change, is approaching, officially debut.

Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, a family gathers Poly Plaza, aunt, went around, watching BMW, is not beautiful.

BMW IX3 as a medium-term change has made some modifications in the internal and external modifications, and the overall changes are not large, targeting the details. The new car is replaced with a sports kit. The overall texture is more young, and the interior has made some changes on the details, while the power remains unchanged. The lithium-ion battery will be equipped with an 80KWH capacity, and 460km WLTP can be achieved. Integrated battery life.

The IX3 of the medium-term change has no excessive changes in the overall shape, mainly for micro-rectification of the front and rear headlights and As a new energy model, new BMW IX3The closed double-kidney shape is used, but also adds chrome-plated decoration, but also adds fumigation style. The headlight group becomes the latest fold line shape, which is full of texture. The lower surrounding style is replaced with a M sports kit. The original chrome is adjusted to be a black style, and the opening area is further increased. The whole face of the face has increased a lot.

(The figure above shows the medium-term change, the following figure is the current)

The end of the tail varies a lot, but Mainly for the tail light portion, the overall shape of the taillight is unchanged, but there is a large change in the internal design, the light strip is bright, and the first needle shape is present, and the new 3D LED taillight group is also adopted by the bottom. The spoiler plate and hidden exhaust design have highlighted the characteristics of the whole vehicle, which greatly increases the identity of the tail.

In terms of internal decoration, the change in new cars is not large, mainly for some changes in the details. Upgrade 12.5-inch central control big screen, sports version “Ding Jij Pants” steering wheel, central control and air-conditioning air outlets adopt new design, more like BMW X5, which is also sufficient to see the sincerity of BMW.

The new car will also be equipped with BMW Live Cockpit Professional, including navigation, intelligent personal assistant, car internet, BMW Connected, and OTA upgrade.

In terms of power, the new BMW IX3 remains unchanged, still equipped with the fifth generation of the electric drive system, which is equipped with the maximum power of 210kW (286PS), peak torque 400nmIDDOTOTOTOTOTOTO ; M, 100 kilometers acceleration time is 6.8 seconds. In terms of the battery, the new car will be equipped with an 80KWH capacity of a lithium-ion battery, which can achieve 460km WLTP integrated battery life.

The new BMW IX3 may not be as strong as those of the new forces, these new forces car companies put all kinds of black technology to the carrier, automatic driving, long battery life, fast charge, etc. It is a small manifestation of traditional cars, but for BMW, this traditional heroic car company, the car is deepThick, no matter how long is the quality, or the chassis, there is absolute advantage. So BMW IX3 is still a nice new energy car, or it is worth considering.

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