Changan Ford fight, waiting to give consumers sharp occasion, every day to send subsidies!

(2020, January 10, Chongqing) has been listed since December 19, “four-wheel drive pioneer SUV” – the new Ford Escape with excellent interpersonal sharp price products and highly competitive force quickly gained consumer wide acclaim person, just twenty days they harvest massive orders! More than 90 percent of the orders are selected sharp inter-wheel-drive 2.0T and 2.0T AWD models Ka enjoy longitudinal section ST-Line enjoy these two high-profile models, which gives us the scheduling and delivery schedules has brought great challenge.

Taking into account the upcoming Spring Festival, factory production and down the supply chain will be moved into the holiday, although we pushed hard but still can not guarantee that before the Spring Festival every a consumer looking forward to extract the car’s delivery vehicles. In order to select the occasion of sharp anxiety of consumers no longer travel during the holiday season, we just made a very good faith decision: for the New Year’s sharp single occasion but not to mention the car customers, we provide the following “the joy of the occasion will be a triple surprise “interests, so wait, but also full of hope,

Oslash; a heavy surprise: the next Ford Mall set sharp occasion you can get 1880 yuan time capsule car fund;

Oslash; double surprise : New Year’s day to the seventh day (January 31 to 25), daily car sent 388 yuan subsidy;

Oslash; triple surprise: since February 1, ordering vehicles to consumers up to date shop, car daily to provide 100 yuan subsidy;

Oslash; in addition, for the current order has been under sharp occasion of customers, such as the Spring Festival premise less than a car and switch to other models purchased Changan Ford production we will provide 3000 yuan (including tax) fund to buy cars in the car used to offset mention car payments;

final interpretation of this event all owned by Changan Ford, for more details please consult activities Changan Ford authorized dealers around.

As the first mainstream price exceeded 20 million joint venture medium-sized four-wheel drive SUV, the new Ford Escape sharp occasion of the “new” law “chapters” – the same level most light aluminum alloy suspension, control more accurate; peer fastest full-line 7.5 seconds to accelerate Pobai; the same level of the strongest, with the highest levels of the automotive industry 1700 MPa ultra high strength martensitic steels, announced a new mid-size SUV value to the industry standard! Force and strong product prices very competitive, so sharp that is listed on the occasion of selling, become explosion models SUV market. From the terminal dealers, to manufacturing plant, we forge ahead, efficient delivery of first class products and services, just to let more consumers, as soon as possible to experience “dare to dare to escape,” the high-quality car ownership life!

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