Changan Ford: low fuel consumption and high performance, all wants

With the advocacy and more policies of new energy models, many consumers will consider new energy models, especially young groups. For various needs of consumers, major car brands naturally have no effort, and vigorously introduce new energy models that meet consumer needs. Recently, the pure tram type is most attractive with a joint venture brand.

On June 12th, at this Chongqing Auto Show, Changan Ford’s model, sharp PHEV, announced that it is the fastest SUV model with the Ford brand grows in China, and academy has a good performance and benefits. The price has won the favor of many consumers. There is also a specially bright model, also completed the start of the Chongqing Auto Show, that is, Changan Ford’s EVOS ST-LINE. Changan Ford on this auto show, whether it is the first new car, or the new car is unveiled.

Deli Jun found in the Chongqing Auto Show, for the audience that has been tangled in which new energy models, the audience, really pay attention to Changan Ford acute Phev . Because the light is seen from the appearance, the new car uses the Ford family-style design concept. The head position is equipped with irregular intake grille. The two-side lamp group uses a more narrow design, and the overall looks more young and fashionable.

The side shape is more dynamic, and the rolled waist line and the lower sliding roof form a fusion effect. In addition, the new car is equipped with a large-sized multi-size rim, adds a different sports texture. Although the end of the tail is not very different from the fuel version, sharp taillights are mixed with bilateral double exhaust release, and the Plug In exclusive identification is added. Let everyone pay attention, the market guidance price is 208,000 yuan after the accommodation, the market is 208,000 yuan, and the delivery service can be enjoyed in the restricted purchase city. It is very sincere.

There is also a new breakthrough in the internal equipment of the vehicle. The new car’s interior continues the design of the fuel model, the center console is a symmetrical layout, the two-color style is not only in line with the trend, but also can haveThe wrong senior sense. The instrument panel adopts a combination of mechanical pointers + LCD screen, the size of the central control screen is 12.3 inches, and the SYNC + system is equipped inside, which is highly practical, and the overall function is more perfect.

The power of this car is the addition of this car. Periphaby plugging mixed version is based on Ford’s fourth-generation hybrid platform, which is equipped with upgraded ECOOST turbocharged dual injection engines and power mixing techniques, matches a new electric drive accepted transmission, and the maximum power is 178kW. Official 0-60 km / h / hour acceleration is only 4.5 seconds. At the same time, the acath plugging mixed version also has a systematic comprehension of nearly 1,000 yuan of battery life.

Tour all over the Chongqing auto show, the bright model is not much, and Changan Ford’s EVOS ST-LINE is enough to make Xiaobian on the booth Long stay. Because the most eye-catching model of Changanfu Special Exhibition is the latest unveiled EVOS ST-Line model, from the distance and near, the almost perfect body line has deeply attracted Xiaobian. As Ford’s first global strategic model, Ford EVOS has extremely avant-garde, dynamic design, and Ford Evos St-Line derived from the Ford Performance is more likely to play sports aesthetics.

Before the release of this car, Xiaobian learned that Changan Ford EVOS ST-LINE is positioned as a sporty model. From the overall appearance, it still has personalized, and the whole body is full of sharp feelings.

From the front face, the high impactful honeycomb intake grill design, with the top two sides, sharp personalized LED headlights, give people a strong visual impact, and below On both sides of the bumper still have intake ports, the shape is more exaggerated.

When the side of the body, Changan Ford EVOS ST-LINE20-inch inch, plus redThe color brake caliper, the performance car flashed, and the top of the body also adopted a fumble treatment, creating a sense of trip roof, from the end of the car, a highlight of the new car, both sides The design of the C is particularly recognized, and the lower exhaust pipe is very thick, gives a strong sense of strength. From these designs, isn’t this a new SUV model like a young man like?

In terms of endo, EVOS uses a huge screen of more than 110 cm long, the visual effect is quite shock, this giant screen is 12.3 Inch meter screen and 27-inch 4K mode, ST-LINE version uses unique red tribe surround the cabin, the seat design inspiration comes from the car, the unique seat material and the dynamic red texture give ST-Line more A strong dynamic atmosphere. Sports and the exclusive red trim strip with the Ford St-Line echoed.

, it is possible to make the smart interconnection of young people. EVOS is equipped with Ford Sync + 2.0 intellectual system, supporting more than 70 fuzzy semantics identification, and matching Ford’s first virtual artificial intelligence assistant VPA intelligence partner, can cooperate with different driving scenes with different animations and anthropomorphic expressions. In addition, it also has facial recognition, multi-potential identification, and automotive information.

The model, power of such a main sports gene is definitely weak. In terms of power, Changan Ford EVOS ST-LINE is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, and the maximum output power is 182kW on the data, and the peak torque is 393 nmiddot; M. In terms of transmission systems, the match is 8-speed hand-in-one gearbox, the power performance is very good, no matter what day, or passionate driving, you can arrange it clearly. Speaking of this, the inner heart of Xiaobian is very expected to test the car.

哆 哩 君:

Overall, two models of this Chongqing Auto Show unveiled in the model of Changan Ford. From the strongest four-drive ST line of the same level, then to the native high-performance plug SUV speed, the academy family continues to expand, in order to solve the dual demand for low fuel consumption and high performance in China. Born. At the same time, the import of a series of new cars allows Chinese consumers to see a Vibrant and competitive Ford brand that is in front of the public. I believe that the market’s data will be the best proof.

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