Changan Uni-T sports version is released, the appearance is over / powered?

In recent years, autonomous car brands have been in terms of branding, product level The improvement has a significant improvement, and more than 100,000 SUVs have a significant upgrade of the joint venture brand in the color value and configuration, especially more and more types of sports models. Recently, this market will usher in a new sports style SUV: Chang’an Uni-T sports version, new car appearance official map has been exposed, the following coffee brothers talk to you.

[123 ] The appearance is still bright, and the sense of exercise is more. It can be seen from the two official maps, compared to the biggest difference between the ordinary version of the model is the appearance, black and bright yellow, the front and rear surrounding, door pedals, bright yellow brake calipers, 20-inch black painting rims pass matte treatment, car Yellow elements of tail diffuser, etc. Compared with the company’s compact SUV rich, it belongs to the medium level of its own brand. Interior uses a 10.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard and the central control touch screen for a integrated modeling design, there is a certain sense of technology, but this design often sees other autonomous and Korean brands. Now nothing. Fresh design. The official did not publish the sports version of the interior jewelry, and coffee is expected that the vehicle design will not change, and the alleviation elements are added to the appearance in the car.

The wheelbase is 2710 mm, and the space is substantially sufficient. Changan Uni-T sports version compared with the joint venture hot model Honda Cr-V (axial distance 2661mm), there is still a small advantage. As a movie model, Changan Uni-T ordinary version of the model is provided with imitation leather integrated seat, electric adjustment and heating function, and the back row is also priced. The power is expected to be unchanged and satisfied with daily driving. Because the official does not announce power changes,The reference is equipped with a 1.5T blue whale engine, the maximum power is 132kW, the maximum torque is 300 nmiddot; M, the matching 7-stop double clutch gearbox, coffee finds that the sports version will increase in power parameters. This power is not weakly in the top of the joint venture brand, the maximum power is 142kW, the maximum torque is 243 nmiddot; M.

As a SUV of a positioning, Changan Uni-T movie is more in the appearance level, which makes it look more, but these are not fresh. If you are officially launched in the future, you can bring a certain surprise to everyone.

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