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[Changde Jinjiang] The 15th anniversary of the celebration will be a complete success of the test drive!

“Glory 15 does not forget the initiative”

Deep contrast – Star Yue L test driving tasting!

When the appreciation will issue collisions with the “peak, technology” star,

Everyone is taking place!

Thanksgiving, you all the way

Enter the store courtesy, 钜 惠 万 元, the whole clearance!

On September 11th, many new and old customers witnessed

The 15th anniversary of the celebration

星 l Deefficient comparison The test drive will be a complete success

Special thanks to the visit!

The Geely owners who did not want to know the scene situation?

That let us review

This thank you will be a wonderful moment of comparing the test drive!

There are not many words, first play a card in the outside, it is the protagonist today – Star Vietnam L, there is no discovery of the window glass, yes, it will take us today to open the blind driving experience, the window is closed, go to the car, driving all 540deg; panoramic reversing image, not too cool!

At 2 o’clock on September 11, the customer has entered the store to sign in. You can get a beautiful gift, and the manufacturer leaders , The industry media and the new and old customers, jointly tasting this happy feast.

Childhood memories, can also make cotton candy in the scene, it seems quite good, delicious cold meal, comfortable The environment is about to start in the laughter:

An operation of a moving person, kicked off today, Changde Mr. Yan Xiaoming, General Manager Jinjiang, is wonderfulWords to express my sincere gratitude and warm welcome to new and old customers coming!

Geely Automobile “allows users to have the final say” is not just a language, but also a commitment. Appreciation will inevitably and ultimately live draw, on-site recycling or draw oh! Wang and today is really lucky bursting consecutive win, so luck, I can only look at the

Figure guess idioms , listening to music knowledge song, do you think the children guess what, let everyone so happy? Site small sisters dance really did not have to say, youthful, can be salty and sweet,

Today’s ultimate prize also drawn to the 55-inch millet high-definition TV, in fact, our family just such a poor color TV, can only say very lucky, also ended in the laughter of our activities today!

gratitude and to have the power line before the

we will live up to expectations, join hands counterparts [123 ]

the coming days to accept your check nuclear

new and old customer appreciation cum comparative test drive will be a complete success!

a happy life, Geely accompanied

underway for a better life!

For more information to do in Changde Jinjiang Geely 4S stores

Hotline: 0736-7809111

Changde Jinjiang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. [ 123]

across the Changde City Wuling automobile City Longgang Road, Northwestern

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