Change in the front face, mid-term change forest human chart release

Auto News report ] Recently, Subaru officially issued an official map of the new SUV new forest people. As the main pin of Subaru, the forest is located in compact SUV. Since the birth of 1997, a large number of fans have been harvested.

The forest person released is the mid-term change version of the 5th generation model. According to the official map of the release, the new car has happened in the appearance of the interior. Change, let’s take a look at it.

The head of the head, the main design of the new forest people is basically consistent, but many details make it look more. In front of the grid, the net gas grille uses a large number of black coatings, and the interior of the grill is composed of irregular mesh elements, compared to the current horizontal grille, which is more motion. In addition, the decorations on the left and right sides of Subaru logo have also changed. The lamp group is part, similar to the C-shaped day-to-the-day running light encloses the far-derived light, relative to the cash type, the area is small. The lower bumper is positioned, and the layout of the decorative parts above the fog lamp has changed, three horizontally chrome-plated decoration, so that the precision of the front of the front.

The body side, the new car does not publish the specific long-width high data. From the picture, you can see the new car use a new model of rim, which looks more exquisite and will provide five different models of rims to choose from. The tail section, there is still no significant change, and the C-shaped taillight group and the outstanding interhevation casting are all familiar to the current model. In addition, the new forest people will add dark green and bronze in terms of the color of the body, and cancel the dark pearl blue, jasper green, metal brown color, the dark green car paint in the picture looks more.

Section of the car, the new car offers different colors, different materials, with punch leather, leather and fabric mashup optional. In addition, the layout of the central control station and the current model are basically consistent. In terms of configuration, the new car will be equipped with X-MODE off-road mode, seat heating, pedestrian protective airbag, electric rear aliasing, Eyesight driving assistance system.


On the power system, the new forest people will be equipped with 1.8T turbocharged gasoline engines, providing 174 horsepower and 300 Nima, ratio 2.0L Natural Inhal Engine models have a 24 hp in the model, and it will also carry the E-Boxer hybrid system composed of 2.0L naturally aspirated engines and electric motors to match the E-Active shift control mechanism.

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