Chevrolet Chang Exposure Tour major, comprehensive endurance 410km

Recently, we have obtained from SAIC-GM-Chevrolet official tour to the main configuration smooth and dynamic information. Chevrolet Chang patrol positioned as a pure electric compact car, the car in the NEDC standard integrated mileage is 410km, is expected to be officially listed on the first half of next year.

First, let’s look at how it looks, at first glance the new car is still very new energy vehicles look like first use of the closed grille. Headlight group of sides connected by a bright trim black, creating a visual sense, i.e. through the inner headlamps with an LED strip, the visual effect is more sharp. Car fog up using lower region shape, with the bottom of the intake port, look aggressive, suspected charging port located at the center of the LOGO.

Inside, Chevrolet new family car uses language that is mounted multimedia display a 10.1-inch touch screen, equipped with the latest generation of MyLink + Zhaopin system with intelligent voice recognition capabilities, enabling remote OTA upgrade, and support for Apple CarPlay and Baidu carLife.


comfortable configuration and security technology configuration are also very comprehensive, security configuration, the new car line comes standard with Bosch ESP 9.3 electronic stability control system. Comfortable configuration, the new car has a whole system comes standard with heated front seats, remote start function, four windows a key lift, Auto Hold automatic parking, EPB electronic parking, keyless entry / start functions. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a HUD head-up display, adaptive cruise functions, such a configuration can be said of everything.

Power, a car equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power of 150 horsepower and peak torque 350 cow middot; m. Matching a capacity of ternary lithium batteries 52.5kWh, synthesis conditions which NEDCMileage is 410km. There are three driving modes to choose from standard, comfort and sport. In charging, fast charge mode at dc, 0 percent to 80 percent less than the charging time of 40 minutes.

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