Chi-making hit fly like a dream city in case it achieved

cars on the road often see the tail interesting stickers word – Do not drops, you soon you fly past ah? In fact, this is only the case under indictment in the city is so congested, there are always some people who want to squeeze in a hurry, and then continue the whistle schematic. Really a headache, but may later people are really in a hurry might get it. However, the existing environment, are really nothing but wait another way, the phrase had appeared in the classic comic Guo Degang among the “playing fly” is also a fact, that civilian flights when the flight can be used on a real taxi it? In fact, not far off, remember that once you exit through the share Uber travel in China? Uber is this claim that will be introduced flying taxi.

in the future outlook of things and the car four modernizations and new car which, in fact most can not do without is 5G, in the era of the internet, because there are many city ​​car built, car, house, people become a true Internet community, then how to achieve it? The new “travel ecosystem” in the end who is able to build it? Chinese Express travel technology company recently demonstrated a wisdom about the future of urban transportation operations model, with the assistance of 5G, the car and the road has been integrated, a landing operation in a small-scale pilot project thirty thousand square meters of the park, this allows people to see a breakthrough to the future.

a flying taxi can take four people

While it is not yet official declared taxi flight, but you can see from the official gives way, this car has three rows of seats, front two rows can ride for four people at the same time, while the third row can be placed luggage. Of course, this is an aircraft designed for short trips caused by internal fuselage is blue lighting and seat belts, this is the Uber and Safran Cabin jointly designed and Uber said the company has with the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) signed an agreement, which means mass production, it will be developed in the field of urban air, so that you can better transport of passengers and cargo.

and within this period of time will be spent 20 million euros to support all the research and development of technology systems, including artificial intelligence AI algorithms and air traffic control systems, for the full rent air car service support. Think about it, after daysAir is not the only blue sky and birds, as well as taxi can fly, what do you feel?

three Chilean strategy map Smart car is the cornerstone of

across the network idea 5G interconnection among actually create a city of wisdom, where no man driving the car, capable of whom assisted the road, and the city is full of wisdom and unmanned nature of the service, the Express in Chinese, but also to build a “smart city” build quot; three Chilean strategy quot; the blueprint, the real purpose is to fight traffic, road, city, through the whole dimension of infrastructure, technology development, hardware development, operation, etc., at the same time doing the smart car, but also on urban planning considerations and intelligent management. And among the most important in this car, of course, in the Chinese Express is among the build in July of this year, Chinese Express to build its first pure electric cars smart luxury high close HiPhi1.

and present new tram pure energy is not the same, the car can achieve seamless data exchange, but also by six computing platforms as well as four regional controllers architecture, to meet the cars and trucks, cars and roads, the car between cars and people to the network and communicate with each other, can drive, you can ride comfort is self-evident.

Guiche: everything must come, in the end, whether you like it or not, after all, as over a hundred years of traditional machinery industry, the way to go about it have gone, then there must be a tremendous change, come on, be better in the future.

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