China Automobile Association: From January-May China brand car sales, Chery speed is in the first

According to the latest data released by the China Automotive Industry Association, in May this year, domestic auto sales was 21.28 million, down 3.1 percentage year-on-year; from January to May this year, the cumulative sales totaled 10.875 million, a year-on-year increase of 36.6 percentage.

The contrasting industry growth, Chery Group became the QUOT; the fastest quot; business. According to the statistics released by the SMA, in the first 15 enterprises of China’s brand car sales in January-May, the Qi Rui Group increased by 328,000 (excluding joint ventures), 91.3 percentage growth rate, ranking first .

Data Source: China Vehicle Association Official

Since this year, Chery Group Sales has been 5 months of quot; big rising quot , All the way quot; run quot; out of 80.2%, 144.9 percentage, 130.5 percentage, a year-on-year growth rate of 58.1 percentage; from January to May, the group has sold 34,8002 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 84.2 percentage. Although there is a low influence of the sales volume of the last year, even in the same period data in 2019, the sales of Chery Groups still achieved rapid growth of 30.8 percentage.

2021 Shanghai Auto Show at the Chery Exhibition area

In the new round of technological revolution and consumption upgrade rolling quot; wave quot; In the middle, there is a much quot; how much, less quot; Chery, benefited from the strong empowerment of the capital increase, quietly entering the high-quality fast lane. In addition to sales, key indicators such as group revenue, and taxation have grown. The Group’s year-on-April of 70.9 percentage increased year-on-year, and the profit and tax increased by more than 5 times, and the source is constantly accumulated in the explosive growth.

Chery is currently quietly happening, and it seems to be a bit different from the recognition of the foreign world, and how many deep reasons behind its sales have increased.

Take the most familiar quot; technical Chery quot; impression as an example, there is a very easy to ignoreEvents: At the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, Chery has lowered the whole domain 4.0 power architecture, including fuel, mixing, pure electricity and hydrogen movement, etc., basically

covering the car within 30 years Dynamic technology route . Tightly followed May 18, Chery quot; the world’s first quot; full-featured hybrid configuration DHT

(mixed special transmission) officially offline. This collection of multiple China and the world’s car brand quot; the most QUOT; the mixed gearbox will be launched in the second half of this year.

Before the Qirui full-featured hybrid configuration DHT debut, many people’s impression of Chery is still in the traditional engine. Just like people’s awareness of quot; technology Chery quot; often staying in Chery in the long-term autonomous attack in the traditional technical field of fuel engine, gearbox, core components, quot; new four quot; Technology, the new track direction is more than 10 years of deep tillage.

Chery quot; world first quot; full-featured hybrid configuration DHT offline

In fact, from 1999 Start R & D Energy Saving and New Energy Steam, starting the smart car R & D in 2010, the core technology, and the future leading technique maintained quot; fanatic quot; pursuit. After so many years of continuous investment and accumulation, today’s quot; technology Chery quot; has formed a full-value chain of automobiles, from traditional gasoline vehicles to new energy, intelligent network, automatic driving, mobile travel and sharing technology quot; Line, five floors quot; three-dimensional layout.

Yin Tongchao Chairman attended 2021 China Auto Chongqing Forum

As the Chairman of Chery Group Yin Yue said, the automotive industry itself is a Equipped with traditional and open, conservative and innovative industries. Traditional cars and new technology cars are not quot; vertical switch quot;, but constantly returning quot; fusion quot; or constant QUOT; widening track quot; and traditional cars are still the foundation of all new technology cars. Chery proposed to become like quot; double tquot; one is like Toyotota, continue to do the traditional car, do the quality, consolidate the foundation; second, it continues like Tesla Innovation, can break the routine, keep pace with the times, crossover integration. Quot; Traditional is getting deeper, new, a lot! Another phenomenon is that this year, Chery quot; collaboration, cross-border quot; various major strategic cooperation signed frequently.

In the Chery partner, there have been more and more list of high-tech enterprises: In addition to the multi-year Baidu, Chery and Ali, Tencent, Huawei, and Boardian Xunfei have become a deep strategic partner in the intelligent driving field. Chery also has a joint venture company with Haier Group to establish a joint venture company to build the world’s leading automotive industrial Internet platform, quot; lighthouse plant quot; These cooperation will assist Chery to master more innovative resources in the technology outbreak age.

In the international market, a grabbing number can reflect the popularity of Chery products: Since this year, an average of 2.3 minutes, Chery will add an overseas user.

Since February, the overseas export volume of Chery Group has achieved a year-on-year 117.3 percentage, 101.9 percent, 312.5 percent, 256.5 percentage growth. From January to May, the Chery Group accumulated 94,916 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 154.5 percentage, and the annual export is expected to exceed 200,000.

Chery four times to get Russia quot; most popular China car brand quot;

in-depth promotion of the global strategy, In the 20-year internationalization process, I have experienced the initial quot; go out of quot; selling products, go deep into the local quot; go in quot; build a factory, then go to the cultivation of quot; go to the quot; strong brand three stages, Global competitiveness continues to increase. Nowadays, Chery has 1.8 million overseas car owners. In 18 consecutive years, the Chinese brand passenger car exit is first, and quot will be obtained for five consecutive times;Industry overseas image 20 quot; honor. According to the plan, by 2025, Chery will realize the export of 500,000 vehicles, exported 5 billion dollars in Quot; Double 50QUOT; strategic goal. Survantly stable Chery, previously in the technical, quality and internationalization of the energy of deep cultural accumulation, plus quot after capital increasing increasing share; opened the horsepower quot ;, like a leaving runway, run To the air of the sky, I entered the stage of fast climbing, which is more expected to perform future performance.

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