China Major Research Announces New Phase I: Beijing Hyundai Shengda Results

车 讯 网 report ] June 9, 2021, China Insurance Research Automobile Technology Research Test Center (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (referred to as China Postgraduate) Release China Insurance Auto Safety Index (referred to as : C-IASIS) The latest assessment results. The batch test has a total of 9 models, including 2 cars, 6 SUVs and 1 MPV, which is Beijing Mercedes-Benz A, BYD Han, Toyota Waterda, SAIC Volkswage, Beijing Hyundai Shengda, Sky ME7, BYD Song Plus, Geely Neck 05, SAIC Roof Vehicle Roewe IMAX8. Among them, Beijing Hyundai 4th Shengda reles with 7 ldquo; excellent rdquo; 1 ldquo; general RDQUO; and become one of the best models.

Specifically, Beijing Hyundai Shengda has a 25% bias collision, side collision, roof intensity, seat / head pillow and other test projects, all have excellent . Among them, in the 25% bias collision test, the rigid part of the vehicle is large, and the passenger is maintained at a small level; in the side collision, under the impact of 1500 kilograms, the B column The seat center is 145 mm, and the side air curtain and the side airbag effectively reduce the occupant injury in the vehicle. In the roof intensity test, the vehicle can withstand the pressure of 4.6 times its own vehicle weight, effectively guarantee the occupant’s survival space.

Such excellent results benefited from reliable passive safety of the car. Shengda uses the design of the anti-collision beam to connect the tap tailings, which can dissipate and transmit the impact through the body frame when the collision occurs, and reduces the energy transferred to the occupant. At the same time, 6 airbags assisted pretT power belts will further improve the safety index of the car personnel.

Active security, Shengda also obtained a number of ldquo; excellent rdquo; For example: the front collision warning system of the car meets the evaluation requirements in the test of the FCW 3 working condition (front collision warning) and AEB 2 working conditions (car), to obtain LDQUO in full scores; excellent rdquo; Evaluation.

In fact, the car is relatively rich in driving assistance. among themThe front collision warning brake, can detect the front vehicle position in real time, when the system determines that there is a risk of collision, the driver is warned, and some or completely brakes will be taken to reduce the probability of rear-end; the lane keeps assist The front vehicle route, issues a warning and automatically controls the steering wheel while the vehicle is deviated, so that the vehicle is kept in the lane and reducing the risk of deviation from the lane.

Beijing Hyundai Shengda has had high attention and high quality user reputation since the listing. Before the C-IASI test, the car has been obtained in the C-NCAP collision test in 2010, 2013, 2019, has been obtained several times.

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