China officially listed V3 2020 models, priced at 5.99-7.99 ten thousand yuan

October 17, Brilliance China officially announced the launch of 2020 models China V3, a total of three new models, between the price of 5.99-7.99 yuan, we take a look at car information.

exterior, interior: 2020 paragraph

Brilliance China V3 still continued the overall design of the current model, fashion modeling movement. Interior, although the overall design has not changed, but some details of the adjustment, equipped with a new interior color of black, more dynamic, the whole system comes standard with leather seats and 17-inch wheels, and can be opened to increase panoramic sunroof, intelligent sensing wipers, headlights automatic on / off, direct monitoring tire pressure. Configuration: In addition to the entry-level comfort models, also equipped with a reverse image, multifunction steering wheel, 10.4 inches screen central control, six speakers, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, mobile Internet system, leather door panels and cruise control.


by a vehicle equipped with the power Mianyang morning BM16LE1.6l produced naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 118 HP, maximum torque 150nm. Meet the national emission standards for six, the transmission system with 5-speed manual transmission.

Price: 2019 paragraph

V3 China in July this year began selling only three months earlier than 2020 models, with 6 emitters standard upgrade, so the overall change in the car is not great.

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