Chinese speed! The world’s first tap 9DCT off the assembly line, the Great Wall have your

November 19, Great Wall Automobile independent research and development of next-generation powertrain, in the hive ECTrade Yangzhong Industrial Park officially off the assembly line. Generation powertrain, respectively GW4N20 engine, the world’s first tap 9 –9DCT wet dual clutch transmission speed transmission, 9HDCT triple transmission and electric drive assembly, full coverage of fuel efficient, hybrid, pure electric field, Great Wall Motor reflects on independent research and development road has taken an important step, but also the development of more new cars Great Wall Motor new model platform, providing strong technical support, epoch-making significance.

Great Wall Motors Powertrain release a new generation

Over the years, Great Wall Motor always adhere to the quot; precise input, the pursuit of industry-leading quot; R & D concept in automotive quot; new four modernizations quot; trend, Great Wall Motor is trying to build a full-ecology, travel the whole scene blueprint for users more comfortable, green travel experience.

tap the world’s first 9-speed wet dual clutch transmission industry-leading

The offline engine has just named quot GW4N20 ; Chinese heart quot; 2020 annual list of top ten engines, 9DCT tapped transmission is the world’s first 9-speed wet dual clutch transmission. Both work together to set up a fuel-efficient powertrain Great Wall Motor most gold content, to further meet user quot; strong power, low fuel consumption quot; demand for cars.

GW4N20 engine + 9DCT transmission

GW4N20 engine using the Miller cycle core technology, the thermal efficiency of 38.3 percentage, the maximum power 180kW, maximum torque of 385N • m, so that perfect balance of efficiency and power. 9DCT transmission employs a large number of built-in integrated TCU cutting-edge technology, to enhance the overall efficiency of the transmission 7DCT than 3.5 percentage, 54 to enhance the torque carrying percentage reduction of nearly 10 percentage by weight, is mounted nearly 10 percentage length is shortened.

on the economics are most concerned about the user, groupIn GB fuel consumption data, 9DCT hundred kilometers 7DCT transmission ratio can be decreased by 7 percentage, in conjunction with fuel-efficient engines of understanding, and that they reduce the cost of the user car.

70 percentage 4N20 + 9HDCT fuel hybrid assembly so that more energy saving quot; extreme quot;

9HDCT transmission , is the world’s first hybrid tap 9 P2 speed wet dual clutch transmission, based on fuel consumption data GB, more 7DCT hundred kilometers can reduce the percentage of 70, the matching module 9DCT P2 based on the transmission, not only integrate multiple control functions, also uses advanced winding method, the peak power of 120kW, peak torque 330Nmiddot; m.

GW4N20 + 9HDCT engine transmission

GW4N20 + 9HDCT engine transmission set up GWM generation hybrid powertrain, compared fuel powertrain, can lead to more significant energy saving effect, there is great value in terms of users and industry.

Moreover, the release of a new generation of powertrain, engine, transmission and related control software, chosen by Great Wall Automobile independent research and development, in the latter part of the development model, can greatly improve vehicle dynamic and chassis the degree of matching optimization unit and the autopilot, the autopilot pave the way to a higher level.

a new generation of three-in electric drive assembly to address the current pure electric travel user pain points

As the first pure electric deep plowing one travel company, Great Wall Motor new generation of three-in electric drive assembly off the assembly line, once again means that Great Wall Motor to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of pure electric travel.

triple electric drive assembly

That is triple the motor, the controller, the three-one reduction gear, compared to similar products in the market, with low electromagnetic noise, reliability, good stability, effective than the advantages of higher power, Great Wall Motor reflects strong R & D and technologyArt integrated strength.

triple generation electric drive system, the motor covering power 35kW-200kW, new energy levels applied to different models, system efficiency, compact size to facilitate the vehicle disposed excellent NVH performance, to meet the immediate and efficient green travel requirements, in order to bring more extreme driving experience.

with an annual capacity of 2.5 million boost Great Wall Motor technology continues to lead the

Great Wall Motor, a new generation of powertrain smooth off the assembly line honeycomb Yi Chong industrial Park Yangzhong advanced manufacturing technology to provide a strong guarantee.

hive Yi Chong Yangzhong Industrial Park is the leading automotive technology industrial park, only transmission assembly plant, it is configured with 10 (ABB / FANUC) robot, to further enhance the efficiency of assembly and assembly quality. Its electric drive armature production line is the first fully automated production lines, a number of key processes to achieve 100 percentage automation.

hive Yi Chong Industrial Park Yangzhong engine production line

fully put into production, hive ECTrade Zhenjiang industrial park planned annual capacity 2.5 million units, the annual output value of over a hundred billion, not only to support Great Wall Motor continue cultivating technology research and development, it will also help Great Wall Motors continued to lead in the global R & D track.

a new generation of powertrain assembly line, marking another step forward Great Wall Motor in the automotive core technology. Based on independent research and development, covering fuel-efficient power, hybrid and pure electric powertrain layout, Great Wall Motor will become deeply involved in global competition, the key technology, Great Wall Motor further boost in the global journey, and inspired more and more Chinese brands continued innovation, hard work ahead, and constantly create a new chapter written in Chinese.

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