Chip shortage, Tesla US factory will temporarily suspend production

In the US market, the problem of chip shortage has gradually emerged, first Ford Motors announced that the Ford F-150 will be reduced in the United States. Later, some US government signed an administrative order to seek $ 37 billion funds to enhance the supply chain of semiconductor related products.

Recently Tesla announced on the 25th local time, it will suspend its production in Palo Alto Palo Alto, California next month. The reason is also due to the shortage of car chips.

It is well known that there are thousands of parts in the automotive, but these parts are all, but there is a component that is supplied. If the entire car production will be seriously affected. The most susceptible influence is often a relatively developed car, the more the number of chips used in such a car is more.

Tesla’s factories stopped producing Tesra Model 3, because the semiconductor shortage has become a reality. In addition, due to extreme weather conditions, the experience in the assembly process of employees is insufficient, and the supply and demand relationship of the semiconductor has become unbalanced, and eventually leads to production temporarily.

Samsung Electronics were also mentioned in the news that Tsela Model 3 was suspended. Samsung Electronics said in an interview with Reuters, because of the winter storm, Samsung Electronics closed the Texas factory last week. But Samsung Electronics cannot disclose the semiconductor customers produced there.

Tesra said that its automatic driving chip is provided by Samsung Electronics in the factory of Texas.

The effect of automobile reduction is more than just the profits of automakers, but also to Tesla, now, may be delivered in the US market. Time should be postponed.

The auto reduction also also affects the nerve of the US government. Because the car is reduced, then the work of workers will not be long-term guarantees, and the income of salary will be reduced. Then the problem is that the unemployment rate is rising. . And the production of cars is directly related to the operation of the US economy.

Therefore, the US government has worked more urgently to sign administrative orders to solve the problem of shortage of global semiconductor chips. The administrative order signed by the US government launched a three-day review of 4 product supply chains, including a semiconductor chip, a large-capacity battery for electric vehicles, including rare earth minerals and medicines.

As part of the review, the US government is now studying these products imported from foreign countries, can be produced in the United States. On the one hand, it is possible to solve the urgent urgent festival of the chip shortage. On the other hand, it is to reflow the associated chip manufacturing industry to expand the influence of the US manufacturing chip in the global market. The third is to provide more jobs.

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