Chuanqi GM8 year-end group purchase promotion

How much is Guangqi Chuanqi GM8 discount? How much is it? Details can be on the phone, there must be a minimum price to you, the phone can’t spend a few money, but I am not allowed to you. This phone can save you more money, there are not many opportunities, seize the opportunity.

Beijing Guangqi Chuanqi 4S shop group purchase promotion, during the event, the GM8 has a maximum discount of 3-5 million yuan, and the price of 20,000 yuan car decoration package, the current car is full of new and old customers, In order to complete the sales task of the manufacturer, after authorization, it is sold to the country, the current car is sufficient, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional restrictions, complete procedures (invoice, certificate, vehicle consistency certificate, PDI test certificate, maintenance manual, Three-pack voucher) can settle the card, nationwide warranty, provide pick-up service, all procedures, the car is worth 10,000 gift packs, come to the store to buy a car without any additional conditions, welcome to the price of friends to the store Talk more!

Guangqi Chuanqi GM8 latest price coupon

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320t Deluxe Edition


1- 2

320T exclusive version


1-2 [123 ]

320T Premium Edition 21.68 1-2 Electricity
320t Ultimate 25.98 1-2
24 hours sales hotline: 186- 1086-2770 Song WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

24-hour sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Troupers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)

For MPV, the design Trend is very important. For example, the appearance of Odyssey is too carved, but it can’t be done in business situations, so most consumers have come from customers in family needs. The appearance of GL8 is too fantastic. If it is not a monopoly of MPV, there will be no too many people will use GL8 as a home preferred. The Chuan GM8 has done it in the appearance. The front face large-scale electroplating strip is enough, and the symbolic LED lamp group is very technological. It is not a cheap car. The side waist lines go through the head to the end, like deliberately reflecting the high sense of GM8, and the through-type taillight group tends to be mainstream, and there is no serious feeling. GM8 looks very common, which lacks highlights for pure household car users, but it is very good to combine business gas fields.Affinity with home.

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)

The body size (length width height) of GM8 is 5066/1923/1822 mm, and the wheelbase is 3000 mm. Such size is already at a level higher than Odyssen, standing with GL8 together, although the captain and the wheelbase slightly less mattery GL8, but on the space, GM8 does not have to be small. However, the space is guaranteed, and the sacrifice is naturally a retrocessory volume. When the third row is not in the case, the GM8 tail box is much smaller than GL8 or even Odyssey. In order to make up for this shortcomings, The GM8 designed two kinds of seat folding methods and barely acceptable.

It is important to say that the body width of GM8 is the existence of GM8. It is more than GL8, and for an MPV. The benefits of cars can brought more than just sitting and landscape. So simple. .

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)


The sufficient body width allows GM8 to assemble the second row of the integrated armrest, the most intuitive advantage is high-grade, when the electric side door Sliding, including two integrated seats, luxury is self-evident. Furthermore, a separate armrest can be equipped with a lot of comfort configuration, and a remote control is provided on the second row of GM8, which can operate the seat massage, heating, ventilation and other functions.

Too not without MPV assembly integrated armrest seat, like Mercedes-Benz V-class, Elfa has it, but the Mercedes-Benz V-class is equipped with one-piece armrest seat, the second row of central channels It is not possible to have a lot of people, this is very impact on the convenience of full load. So enoughThe body width gives a second ride experience of GM8 perfect.

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)


The interior design does not need to be many words, everyone’s own mentality is considered, only one point here. The GM8 will block the design on the central control panel, from the perspective of the mechanical level, can enable the front central channel, which can greatly increase the ride freedom of the carriage. However, considering the home level, GM8 still designs a decent central armrest, because this can make the driver look like a driver, but the owner.

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