Civic electric younger X-NV 169 800 two models listed Beijing start

Civic is popular with the young fans, friends of God like performance car that recently, its door with a pure electric small SUV also officially on the market. At 3:10 on November afternoon, Dongfeng Honda’s first pure electric vehicle X-NV officially listed in the Beijing area.

X-NV based Dongfeng Honda XR-V building, located in a pure electric compact SUV, which NEDC overall condition Mileage is 401km . The listing launched a total of 2 models, respectively Fench version with electrical switch plate, after market guide price subsidies were 169,800, 179,800.

X-NV technology to the Dongfeng Honda and Honda Motor (China) Co., Ltd. jointly developed the first pure electric vehicles, is based on a XR-V to create a classic model of pure EV electric car. It not only inherited Honda consistent high quality wind the DNA, into the mature gene XR-V, it is used first end Honda SPORT EV (sharp middot; e dynamic) technology. Solid electrification technology combined with sophisticated repairer process, giving customers more choices in the electric market.

In design terms, the new car uses the front face flying wing, gives a sense of depth and movement. Headlights black tone, with blue plating, showing features of new energy, whereas the lower position of fog lights, LED lamps square segment also made the fuel EDITION XR-V, more angular. This is the organic integration of the family Honda’s design elements and new energy. In addition, horizontal taillights fashionable personality-through, with 17 inches sports wheels and black tail, also available in five body colors, fully meet the young urban user preferences.

Interior section, X-NV in the XR-V based on, for lifting the carried sense of technology, quality feel. The dual LCD dashboard, electronic key blue shift +Color texture, perforated seats with blue stitching, etc. + blue, blue as a symbol of technological sense, the car will be different from the past to create a high quality appearance.

configuration, the whole system comes standard further car SBW electronic shift key, multifunction steering wheel, rear seat center armrest, no keyless entry, a key to start, TPMS tire pressure alarm system intelligent, ABS + EBD, TCS traction control system, bring more security and convenience for everyday travel.

In addition, the whole system comes standard with 8 inches wisdom guide the interconnected system, 4G LTE networking, navigation support online, real-time map updates, find a key charge pile. Support Baidu Carlife phone connectivity features, as well as some of the car’s loading APP application. While electrification direction to evolution, intelligent and practical in the field, no less.

X-NV 53.6kWh the large-capacity battery, NEDC integrated mileage of about 401 km. Permanent magnet synchronous motor maximum power of 120kW, maximum torque 280Nmiddot; m. The fast charge mode, the charge is around 30 minutes from 30 to 80 percentage percentage hundred kilometers consumption 14.09kW. In addition, X-NV has a B-mode S-mode and economic energy of a strong movement, ensuring driving pleasure under different scenarios.

X-NV inner space is quite a surprise. Body length and breadth were 4280/1772 / 1625mm, wheelbase 2610mm, almost consistent with the data of X-RV. Honda adhering MM concept, and not as an ordinary vehicle pure point models, sacrificial rear trunk space to load the battery pack, but the battery pack is arranged below the chassis, with respect to the X-RV, a slight increase in the interior thickness of the floor, it is often difficult to detect, the passenger space and luggage space is maximized for occupant to create a wide space suitable for driving.

at the same time the price of new cars released, Dongfeng Honda also announced with new carSupporting quot; FUN heart with quot; policy: not only the end of the year from 5 percent down payment, 12-36 preferential interest rates of 0 Fun in 5000 yuan replacement car courtesy quot; FUN Tesco quot ;, there are car charging pile delivery and free. quot installation (within 30 meters) services, the whole system equipped with 4G LET traffic 10 years of free service smart interconnected system; quot ;, as well as the vehicle service center for three years or 12 kilometers universal repair kits, three-core 8 years or 150,000 km repair kits quot; with worry quot; services.

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