Coffee and road car: Mercedes-Benz endurance 415km EQC allows Audi e-tron pressure?

today’s auto market, new energy products still maintained a high market share, both Chinese and joint venture brands or brands have in this market force, as a luxury brand, Audi and BMW will have its first products targeted for SUV models, while Mercedes-Benz is no exception, will be the first electric vehicle products to lock in the midsize SUV pure electric, and on this stretch, gradually the start layout in pure electric market.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz’s new mid-size luxury SUV pure electric officially listed, new cars were introduced two models, the price range of 56.38-60.68 subsidy million. Its carrying capacity battery pack 79.2kWh, NEDC condition mileage of 415km.

the first medium-sized electric SUV

as a pure electric vehicle, the appearance of the basic continuation of the overseas version of the style, the new car retains the traditional grille design, handling and use of the blackened around the grille, highlighting its sporty performance. Meanwhile, LED headlamps set within the increased blue trim, proving the identity of its pure electric vehicle, plus the external expansion of the C-shaped LED daytime running, the whole have become more sophisticated.

relatively smooth body line, the front fender is designed chrome, and marked with a blue EQC words. In the body size, body length and breadth were Overseas models: 4774mmtimes; 1923mmtimes; 1622mm, wheelbase is 2873mm, at the middle level in the medium SUV models.

EQC full rear sleek, taillights using through design, and lateral and surrounded by silver and chrome echoes front, entire rear are more layered, and the tail lamp has lit good visual experience, while adding recognizable tail of the vehicle.

car, Mercedes-Benz continued the family EQC latest design style, while in the seat, around the window using blue trim embellishment, highlighting the identity of its pure electric vehicles, and 10.25 inches and dashboard 10.25 inches large screen in the control of the technology demonstrated its sense of luxury car, and afterUpgrade MBUX interactive system, new navigation through the endoscope can be added to achieve real road navigation, climate control function can only be pre-adjusted in advance by the temperature inside the car and EV optimize route planning and other functions.

power, mounted on a Mercedes-Benz EQC AWD system consists of two front and rear induction motor composed of its overall maximum power of 408 horsepower , peak torque of 730 cattle middot; m, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 5.2 seconds. Compared to the overseas version, the maximum torque by 35 cow middot; m, quot; Pobai quot; time is increased by 0.1 seconds. And the battery life, the new car is mounted by the age Ningde produced a capacity of lithium batteries 79.2kWh. NEDC conditions mileage of 415km.

who is the first to seize the market

Although the joint venture compared to other Mercedes-Benz products in the domestic electrification brands of cars came a little bit late, but we can see that as a luxury brand BBA camp, EQC Mercedes-Benz is still the first in the domestic market of luxury electric vehicles, compared to the Audi e-tron, BMW iX3 localization or one step ahead.

But the product itself, in fact, does not have EQC Benz competitiveness Audi e-tron can be seen, the body size on the e-tron Audi length and breadth were: 4901mmtimes; 1935 mmtimes; 1616mm, than the Mercedes EQC 4774mmtimes; 1923mmtimes; 1622mm whole big circle, and the more full wheelbase Benz EQC than 55mm. Both in the product positioning, not the same.

Meanwhile, the mileage, although EQC Benz NEDC conditions in mileage of 415km, Audi e-tron WLTP measured at 400km standard data obtained on the parameters of the two cars has the gap 15km However, Audi e-tron areas in lifeNot necessarily weaker than the Mercedes-Benz EQC, after all, different from the standard test, which can be relatively WLTP will be more stringent.

wrote at the end of the text

Overall, while Mercedes-Benz EQC slightly less than the Audi e-tron product compared to the force, but this does not affect the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric domestic market development, after all, for the price it is, after EQC domestic occupy a greater advantage in terms of price, the Audi e-tron with a price range much higher than the Mercedes-Benz EQC, and two models different positioning, there is no obvious competition.

As can be seen, along with BBA traditional luxury brands to join the electric car market, the future of competition in the luxury brand of pure electric vehicles will be more intense, and for Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, its electric transformation It has just started, and the competition between them electric vehicle has only just begun.

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