Coffee and road cars: Audi A7L SAIC to buy 500,000 coupe can only vote for it?

When it comes to hatchbacks, you think? On today’s market, you can choose models but too much, however, if it is a hatchback models? Volkswagen CC? Parra Mela? Or Medel S?

alternative answers not at all a lot, the price is high and low, but ran in this area in a four-door sedan, the Audi A7 must be a can not ignore the option, this car, recently there have been a let Chinese consumer news quite excited.

Recently, the network came the announcement of a high SAIC Audi tender on the inside, notice the actual content quot; SAIC-Volkswagen Automotive Co. CP3 Audi A7L automatic stud welding projects of international tenders quot ;, so to say, Audi A7 Audi handed over to SAIC domestically it has been a virtual certainty, the new car is expected to be officially mass production in 2020.

a new car there any bright spots?

First, it must be said that the announcement model named quot; Audi A7Lquot ;, means that the new car will be Audi’s and the other in China’s car market as select lengthened, cash imported Audi A7 measurements were 4976/1908/1405 (1408) mm, wheelbase is 2928 (2934) mm, A7L after that lengthened the wheelbase is likely to be like Audi A6L par (lengthened 100mm), over 3 m wheelbase Audi A7 you say it delicious?

Inside, before the news that Audi A7L version of the model will be retained imports of interior design language, that is, will be using the current Audi A6L, within the set design used on the A8, the three-screen decorative design here is preserved.

Dynamic part, import version uses the A7 2.0T + 7DCT and 3.0T + 7DCT two ways, wherein in version 2.0T Guangzhou Auto show last end just listed, while the domestic version, from now power the Audi layout point of view, the new car will be a high probability of high power 2.0T engine as the main models, the maximum power224 horsepower, compared with the 245-horsepower version of the model cash import a certain reduction in parameters.

why buy it?

mentioned domestic word, everyone thinks of first is undoubtedly the price, count the last month has just officially listing of the new 2.0T models , the current Audi A7 price range is 57.38-85.98 million. Audi A6L official guide price of 40.98-65.08 million, although the two vehicles positioning of different, but nearly 17 million difference is indeed a bit too high.

will certainly bring down the domestic price, switch to remove the outer 2.0T + 7-speed dual-clutch powertrain Audi has always been used in the Chinese market, it will significantly reduce the cost of further reducing the car’s sale price, if the starting price could fall into the below $ 500,000, and that this car’s competitiveness is still very high.

In addition, do not forget to Audi A7L location, the four-door coupe, frameless doors, the hatchback is its absolute advantage, with further test a low price, the Audi than the BMW 6 Department will A7L GT to become more competitive, but if faced with a lower price of other hatchback coupe model, dominant in body size it is also full advantage.

Of course, do not forget to factor in brand and reputation, has been the Audi A7 four-door coupe lovers of the minds has a very good position, but since the price is too high, the price of the domestic that also it becomes particularly worth seeing. Do not forget, in today’s consumption upgrade, and more and more younger, lower personalized market environment, when the market is there such a car, especially with the price advantage can be called quot; dislocation competition quot; models when its arrival is well worth the wait.

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