Coffee and road cars: suspected top with 396,000 Xiaopeng P7 can be equipped with the 400,000 it?

With the advent of electrification of the automobile era, new energy vehicles product performance has become more prominent as new forces Xiaopeng car repairer is no exception, after the introduction of pure electric SUV models, once again launch its own smart electric coupe – P7 Xiaopeng, Xiaopeng and for the P7, the since its debut price was the outside world all kinds of speculation, however, about the recent price Xiaopeng P7 has a new message.

Recently, overseas car prices on the website broke Xiaopeng electric Smart car coupe and P7. According to outgoing picture display, Xiaopeng P7 price range of $ 39900– 55900 US dollars, converted into yuan price of about 283,000 yuan – 396,000 yuan.

fastback coupe styling

The official definition of a new car is the second-generation smart car, so the overall design , compared to the previous Xiaopeng Xiaopeng P7 G3 also has a big difference, the appearance of the new car fastback coupe styling, the overall style is relatively simple, but as a new energy product, it is still equipped with many features of a pure electric car. Comprising fully enclosed front grille, split lamps, door handles and hidden frameless doors and the like, to improve the sense of vehicle technology, while surrounded by the front radar and 4 can see a 360deg; panoramic front camera image, in order to make preparations with regard to the autopilot.

Since the positioning Xiaopeng P7 coupe style, therefore, P7 Xiaopeng using very short front overhang of design and fastback body, in line with contemporary pop standards, although its body size and not disclosed, but from the known information can be seen in its own 3000mm long 4900mm wheelbase and the car, which belongs to midsize sedan.

Xiaopeng the through P7 rear and front split echo taillights, fastback pick lines on the rear end, forming a rather dynamic duck tail shape. Further, it is also possible to use Xiaopeng P7 hatchback tailgate, improve the utilization of the trunk when closed.

P7 Xiaopeng vehicle information and not disclosed, but on the power, Xiaopeng P7 or do a lot of adjustment, it will be equipped with four-wheel drive system is powered by a two-motor combination, acceleration performance is relatively superior, 0-100km / h acceleration time up to 5 seconds. And Life, its NEDC mileage or above 600 kilometers. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with a DRIVE Xavier chip from Nvidia, L3 having a stepped automatic driving assistance capability.

suspected price of 28.3-39.6 ten thousand yuan

as a repairer of the new forces, it can be said Xiaopeng car P7 who really under a lot of effort, you can see its many leading configuration and performance of its products itself, including 4.9 m of the car and up to 3 meters long wheelbase and a hundred mph within 5 seconds, and more than 600 km mileage,

However, if small Xiaopeng pricing P7 is really at 28.3-39.6 million, I am afraid that will greatly affect Peng P7 selling pressure, after all, Xiaopeng car started late, but when Yuguo Tesla Model3 to compete with Taiwan, the main cost is Xiaopeng car advantage.

which is for the user’s attention Xiaopeng, the sales price also will be able to decide Xiaopeng P7, after all, since 2020 G3 models listed under Xiaopeng caused by configuration and price, so a lot of consumers Xiaopeng car had concerns, but, by the time the impact, some consumers will abandon Xiaopeng car directly to select relatively stable in all aspects of domestic Tesla.

wrote at the end of the text

The P7 Xiaopeng Xiaopeng car allows us to see the determination and development in the field of power, and once listed P7 delivery, it will Watch Tesla Model 3, so the price Xiaopeng Xiaopeng is also crucial for, after all, Tesla Model 3 domestic around the corner, at the same time, in the face of market competition, while Tesla is also likely to be made in China Model for new competing products 3 round of price adjustment and adjustment.

However, the car Xiaopeng, the current price of this is just a guess,Currently you can determine the basic message is that P7 or Xiaopeng will be available next year in the second quarter and started simultaneously deliver, at the same time, car Xiaopeng Xiaopeng will announce more details about P7 in this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, but all have to wait after officially listed and published prices, before making a decision.

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