Coffee and road cars: the amount of subsidized domestic Tesla Model 3 with reduced price?

With the continuous development of new energy market, pure electric vehicles also fast It occupies its own market share, but the benchmark when it comes to pure electric vehicles, Tesla surely deserved it, you can see that, in recent years, Tesla with the excellent performance and high mileage, in the global market also we achieved very good results.

However, since domestic Tesla Model 3 domestic message is heard, Tesla once again become a hot topic, and with the delivery time draws near, there has been news Tesla spread, it is the domestic version of the Tesla Model 3 will receive the country’s new energy subsidies.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry issued the latest “new energy vehicles promote the use of recommended models directory” directory display domestic special edition Tesla Model 3 was among them, according to 2019 the country’s new energy subsidies, domestic edition Model 3 will enjoy a 24,750 yuan subsidy.

exterior, interior, power remain unchanged

We can see from the design of the overall appearance, the domestic version of the Tesla Mode 3 and the import version of the Tesla Model 3 is not the difference is too big, is still fully enclosed front, headlights and hood exquisite very eye-catching logo. The body side is relatively smooth, C closer to the rear pillar, with fastback design, allowed to form a relatively gesture motion.

As for the tail, then the domestic version of the Model 3 also maintained consistent with the shape of the import version of Model 3. However, in the lower left tail of the suspension at the domestic status symbol indicates that there quot; Tesla quot; words, and this is unique in its appearance can judge it is produced domestically or imported Tesla Tesla difference.

car, domestic Tesla Model 3 remains the import version of the design, the car interior is simple atmosphere, responsible for a large LCD screen all functions, while the steering wheel a three did notThere are too many operation keys, and adjusting the position of the steering mirrors and functions required by the wheel to complete, and the configuration, Model 3 Standard life upgraded version of the standard base provided with a driving assistance function has collision prevention, blind spot monitoring , to avoid the lane departure prevention, emergency lane departure prevention and other active safety features to avoid, while the vehicle is also equipped with automatic steering assist, active cruise control convenience features.

power, the domestic version of an upgraded version of Model 3 Standard Life Life is 460km, 0-100 km / h acceleration time as fast as 5.6s a top speed of 225km / h. At the same time, the car using the latest version of the V10, the official 4 years or 80,000 km vehicle warranty, battery and drive unit is 8 years or 160,000 kilometers.

quality will not fall?

from the current version of domestic and imported version of the Tesla Model 3 models can be seen, Tesla did not lose configuration after the domestic, at the same time, in order to give users a better driving experience, domestic Model 3 version of the optional Autopilot also could become a standard driver assistance systems, and in terms of price, the domestic version of the Tesla Model 3 also increased to 355,800 yuan.

At the same time, we can see that domestic Tesla Model 3 There are two configuration information, which NEDC Mileage respectively 445km and 455km, energy density battery systems are 145Wh / kg and 153Wh / kg. Therefore, the Tesla Model 3 domestic and imported version of the model did not differ in nature, but according to 2019 subsidies, domestic Tesla Model 3 obtained 24,750 yuan of state subsidies. This also means that domestic Tesla Model3 drive after the upgrade version in addition to state subsidies, its price will be lowered to 331,050 yuan after the standard life.

wrote at the end of the text

can say that in later joined Autopilot driver assistance systems, Tesla on price has increased from 328,000 yuan to 355,800 yuan upgrade, which imported Edition Model3 In fact, not much compared to the price range, so this time the domestic version of the Tesla Model 3 can get 24,750 yuan of subsidies, which means the price, Tesla is expected to further dropping to 33.105 million.

and this will give Tesla Model 3 greater market space, after all, the domestic version of the Model 3 has too many competitors in the market, if the price can be lowered again, you can while at the same time it has a strong product strength also has some cost advantages that other competitive models, but also have a strong product advantages.

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