Coffee and road cars: the face of the Great Wall Tang DM WEY VV7 PHEV how much chance of winning?

At present, China’s new energy market is in a period of rapid growth, new energy vehicle market share has gradually expanded, so that more and more consumers begin to pay attention and buy a pure electric and hybrid models. As for the new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicle development though very good, but still has technical bottlenecks, such as battery life, the basis of charging facilities improvement and long charging time and other issues, the official Based on this situation, plug-in hybrid models have emerged, it is not only more economical in terms of energy consumption, but also to address the concerns of electric vehicles brings.

Not long ago, at the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show, WEY launched a brand new model -VV7 PHEV. There are 2 new car models, its price range of 21.98-23.98 yuan.

Based on Pi4 build platform

Appearance, VV7 PHEV and fuel remained the same version of the model, using the quot; Panther bionics quot; design elements, with inlet grid array geometry gate so that the front look more three-dimensional, two sides of the headlight group of relatively sharp, with daytime running lights as well as vertical-type fog lamps, further creating a sense of shock and a sense of strength before the face of the new car.

relatively smooth side of the body, using the fastback design, in line with current consumer aesthetic standards, while the side of the car body corresponding to the lines and, have good ductility, body size, length and breadth of the new car are: 4760mm / 1931mm / 1655mm, wheelbase 2950mm.

New tail shape rich, surrounded on both sides of the design looks more texture. Compared fuel version of the model, at the tail of the car standard has also increased quot; PHEVquot; words to indicate their status of new energy sources. In addition, the new car will feature a total of four bilateral decorative exhaust, highlighting the sporty new car.

car VV7 PHEV and fuel version of the model compared to, and not much change,Still follows the encircling design, in science and technology, the new car adopts 12.3 inches full-color high-definition digital newly upgraded virtual instrument cluster, and 2.3 inches multimedia screen can support AI intelligent face recognition, intelligent bring a more interactive experience, in addition , the new car also offers intelligent driver assistance systems, millimeter-wave radar, a forward-looking camera, ADAS map, driver monitoring and other technical support, can achieve a key parking operation.

Power, the car equipped with the plug-in hybrid system of 2.0T turbocharged engine and consisting of permanent magnet synchronous motor, engine maximum power 227 hp and peak torque of 387 cattle middot; m, the maximum power of 116 horsepower motor, the peak torque of 195 cattle middot; m. Transmission section 7 matching car speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, and having a sand, mud, and so the AWD driving mode.

platform edge protrudes

This, WEY VV7 PHEV build based Pi4, using BSG + motor mode after the hybrid drive motor, the precursor can be achieved, rear wheel drive, four-wheel drive three modes while, VV7 PHEV front axle of 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 167KW, the maximum torque of 387Nmiddot; m, 7-speed dedicated matching hybrid DCT dual-clutch gearbox, Tang DM than the maximum power and maximum torque 141KW 320Nmiddot; m, are obvious power advantage.

Meanwhile, in body size, although the two cars are located in the mid-sized SUV, and the length and breadth than DM Biyaditang WEY VV7 the PHEV large circle, however, WEY VV7 PHEV wheelbase has reached 2950mm, wheelbase than the Tang DM grow 2820mm 130mm, compared to VV7 passenger space PHEV will be more abundant. The

However, although the performance of the engine and the wheelbase length, WEY VV7 PHEV have a clear advantage, but in purely electrical endurance performance of acceleration and one hundred meters, VV7 PHEV but lost Biyaditang DM Meanwhile, Tang as DMBYD quot; 542quot; strategic models, time to market relatively early opportunities of the market also occupy a certain advantage.

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As can be seen, based on Pi4 build VV7 PHEV on fuel consumption, performance and driving mode, have a more obvious market competitiveness, and, VV7 fuel version and VV7 PHEV will be put together to go to the market, to provide consumers with more diversified products, to accelerate the layout of the market segments.

With the continuous development of new energy automotive market, plug-in hybrid cars will be accepted by more consumers, and not only can carry VV7 PHEV technology brands WEY play, but it also accelerates Chinese brand in the field of new energy dominance in market segments and joint venture brands compete against.

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