Coffee and road cars: the new power surge Chi Chuan GS8 PK Highlander can do?

In recent years, China’s independent car prices force obviously, on the current market, it can be said that China’s own SUV, a grasp of a lot, of course, focused on compact the SUV, and the last two years, we are also beginning to come in force on the market more popular small SUV and compact cars.

but you have not found, larger than the size of a compact SUV midsize SUV models, in China’s independent car prices in several comprehensive strength did not worked out very well, and three years ago launched the Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS8, bright spots can be regarded as a product.

October 2016, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS8 launched a medium-SUV– Chi Chuan GS8, with a good product strength and attractive compared to the same level models and price, this car can be considered achieved a fairly good market performance. This is not just recently, in order to further improve the competitiveness of the new car models launched the 2020 version, the official guide price of 16.68-26.28 million, compared to the old models and overall more expensive 3,000 yuan.

that the new car which places emphasis upgrade? Highlander and after a power surge than what?

biggest upgrade is powered machines and vehicles

and compared to the current model, the new car basically nothing much has changed in the Appearance section, the most important change focus surrounded before and after the adjustment, but compared to the current model and the overall style and no major changes. Thanks to some optimization on the details of the new car in the measurements also have some changes, length and breadth were 4835mm * 1910mm * 1785mm, for an increase of 25 mm length than the current model, high visibility to 15 mm.

Interior, the overall design of the car still, but there is not a small adjustment in the control region and the central air-conditioning outlet. Of course, the interior and exterior of the adjustment is only considered to fine-tune it, the biggest change in the new car mainly two, one is to enhance the power, and second, is the latest vehicle systems.

Dynamic part, the new mounted Trumpchi GS8 4B20J1 type 2.0T engine, the maximum power of up to 252 hp and maximum torque 390Nmiddot; m, and the current modelPower increase compared to 51 horsepower, torque enhance 70Nmiddot; m, said to be big enhanced.

In addition, the 2020 models GS8 equipped with Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan latest ADiGO intellectual drive interconnected ecosystems, but also Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan first equipped with this system models, this system incorporates collision warning before FCW, ACC full speed from several other adaptation cruise driver assistance systems, and 12.3 inches of full HD LCD projection instrument may also be implemented navigation functions like route FIG.

and Highlander can arm-wrestling it?

face substantial upgrade car power, plus upload Qi GS8 position, we might as well throw this question: Highlander and compared with Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS8 there is no chance of winning?

The upgrade is that the maximum power of new cars, then we start with the power part, this 2.0T engine maximum power of 252 hp, 390 Nm of torque, and engine maximum power 2.0T Highlander 220 hp, 350 Nm of torque, the transmission 6AT are matched. In power parameters, obviously Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan GS8 better.

7 as large and medium-sized SUV, size must say, Highlander measurements were 4890/1925 / 1720mm, wheelbase 2790mm, Trumpchi GS8 measurements for 4835 / 1910mm / 1785mm, wheelbase It is 2800mm, Highlander size measurements more rosy, but Chi Chuan GS8 wheelbase is more dominant, but there is no difference between the two vehicles too.

aspects of the performance of the configuration is not to say, the vast majority of Chinese brand cars in configuration has a fairly good performance, after all, compared to joint venture enterprises, the Chinese car consumers need to know better What, they can react faster to market. In addition, the price is also the advantage of GS8 Chi Chuan, Chi Chuan GS8 price of 16.68-26.28 million, while the Highlander is priced at 23.98-32.58 yuan, significantly more cost-effective GS8 Chi Chuan.

but do not forget, the Highlander to become the overlord of the same level, not in the configuration nor the power, the biggest bright spot for many years cultivating the market to establish a good reputation, reliable products and excellent reputation performance is it can in the mediumLarge SUV market in seven key foothold. Of course, word of mouth and other aspects need further market test, Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan trend from the point of view now, the new Chi Chuan GS8 entered a new stage.

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