Comfortable, all the way “Xiang”, UNI-K Changsha test drive hot power

Fucheng, coming to Star City, Changan Automobile High-end Product Sequence Uni Second Model – UI-K Test Drive Activity in progress. On June 9th, the second stop of the “UNI-K Beautiful Tour”. The food, enjoy the beauty, the beautiful scenery, UNI-K is conquering different road sections of Changsha with intelligent width, playing a better landmark, and jointly open a tour of “True Hunan” with a comfortable value.

Take the long sand food, enjoy the comfort of the power

How can I not eat Hunan? As one of the eight Chinese cuisine in China’s historic Han nationality, the fabrication of Hunan cuisine is extensive, widely used, has changed, and there are many varieties. Therefore, Uni-K’s first straight rushed orange 1925 Lake Range. After enjoying the flavor of the Hunan Cuisine, I came to a cup of tea. The “Net Red” brand well known in the national milk tea lovers, and then driving Uni-K to the Shuzi Street, an old street with a long history of more than 1200 years. At the same time, it is also a folk famous food street outside the name, and will be gone in food, delicious, and beautiful.

Tumbled into the city three places, eat and drink all the time. Uni-K will play the powerfulness between Uni-K. Uni-K is powered on a Blue Whale a new generation of 2.0T high-pressure direct injection engine, from the blue whale power platform to reduce fuel consumption, improve low speed torque, and improve the user’s driving experience. The maximum 233 hp / 171 kW power reserve makes UNI-K indigenous power, when the owner shuttle city, the power output follows and the source is constant.

With Ai Xin 8AT hand-in-one transmission, UNI-K can achieve no transition, so that the driving line is as soon. The shifting response is within 0.75s, quickly soft, and there is almost no feeling. And has higher transmission efficiency and lower lock speed, in the air block control technology, slip technology, even if there is no rest to the city, there is no rest, smooth, agile shift action will also make The owner is no longer anxious.

Enjoy the art beauty, enjoy the quiet and comfortable

Changsha, the United StatesFood and beauty are more equipped. Under the next arrival of the Mexi Lake International Culture and Art Center. As the largest, most comprehensive, national leading, internationally first-class international cultural art center, with 45,000 square meters of art center and 45,000 square meters of art museum, and the center can undertake the world’s first-class large opera, dance drama Elegance and other elegant art performances such as symphony fill the gap in the city and the high-end cultural art of the city.

When appreciating high-end cultural art, you need a quiet and unusual heart, just as the quiet driving experience of Uni-K all the way. After 16 rounds, 162 real-vehicle experiments, 20,000 kilometers mileage verification, UNI-K finally reached the product NVH full-end goal, creating the quiet space of the full environment sound field, bringing more silent effects.

Uni-K uses 26 kinds of acoustic materials, the full vehicle coverage of 90% +, effective isolation, noise, wind noise and nacelle noise. The A column welcomes the width of 15 mm. Small to the rearview mirror also has three shared flow design, the whole vehicle streamline and the tail pneumatic acoustic design reach an excellent level of the industry; 50-200km / h in the acoustic cave experiment , -10deg; -10deg; full speed, multi-angle analysis verification, achieving excellent wind-solving control performance.

Sacrifice, comfortable design, comfortable design

Uni came to Changsha two beautiful landmarks: Yuelu Academy and the world window.

The Yuelu Academy is one of the four major colleges in China in China, and is also one of the oldest academics in the world. Each group of hospitals, every stone monument, every brick tile, each wind, all flashing the humanistic spirit of time quenching. The window of the Changsha World is a comprehensive large-scale park with a fashionable fashion, the world’s architecture, Wuzhou style song and dance performance, is equal to the integrated large-scale theme park. It is unique in creative theme activities and leads the wind of the country.

Therefore, some extent, Yuelu Academy and the world window symbolizes “inheritance” and “innovation”. This kind of inheritance and innovation, UNII-K is also reflected in design. Appearance, UNI-K inherits the boundless grill design of UNI family sequences. Under the use of the parameterization, it breaks the boundaries of the elements themselves, and the hexagon chamfer is used to gather around LOGO to the middle, showing a strong sense of technology. Such an innovative design will connect with the borderless intake grille, and become a hard core super symbol, which is a landmark element in UNI design.

Interior, UNI innovation adopts the four-link layout design. UNI-K divides the instrument into three areas: 0 ˚ -4 ˚ is the main line area, 4 ˚-15 ˚ is the eye movement area, 15 ˚-30 ˚ is the header area. Sub-partition according to the different needs of information, such as placing the speed of the vehicle in the closest position; high-frequency demand, dynamic information is placed in a line mobile area, and the time-time information is placed on the head moving area, and it needs to be viewed. The benefit is that it redefines the principle of information allocation and flow, allowing users to safely and efficiently capture the information they need, and easily do “the eyes are not departed, the hand is not left the steering wheel”.

The comfort is not stopped, and it is beautiful. The comfort of the “UNI-K Beautiful Tour” Changsha Station is perfect. This is a beautiful second, next UNI-K will continue to punch 4 red cities that give people different beautiful experiences, let the beautiful life concept radiate the country. Next stop, Suzhou, let us go to “new heaven”!

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