Comprehensive strength is superficial enough, Try Subaru New Generation

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mention Subaruo, maybe many people know this car is “If You Are the One” in 2008 .

Actors who centered were hanging from the latter half of the movie.

, I have two scenes that make me memorable, one is Qi Sang and Ge You, Shu Qi, who is sitting in the car, playing in the car and sang the “Star” song of Go Village New Division.

When the film ends, Yan Sang drives a picture of the village in Hokkaido in the village road in Hokkaido, which is really touched.

While “If You Are the One”, the movie only has two, but the proud tiger has now come to the sixth generation model. Just two months ago, Subaru new generation proudly was officially launched, it was created based on Subarin’s new SGP modular platform.

So, what highlights of the new generation of proud tigers compared to the previous generation model?

The design is more personal

From the design level, the new generation of proud tigers are actually compared to the previous generation model and Without too much change, the overall shape contour still maintains the design of the old model. But in the new model, we can see that Subar is transformed into youth and personalized.

Take this exploration version of this exploration version of the model, its hexagonal China network is equipped with all black design, bringing more fashion and sports.

Of course, the highlight of the proud tiger appearance is actually on its side. Although it is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, the long body line, black wheelbrows and side skirts, 18-inch rims, and 19.7deg; 22.6deg; minimum away from the neighborhood and 213mm The gap makes it look more like a cross-border wagon. [123

At the same time, our exploration version of the model in order to highlight its excellent loading capacity, but also use a larger variable roof luggage rack. Just in the process of test drive, I was still discussing with the media of the same car. If the Tiger does not add a top box above the roof, it seems that there is a missing point.

As in terms of the body size, its length and width height is 4880/1875 / 1675mm, and the wheelbase is 2745mm, and the space in the car is not bad.

While the tail, a new generation of proud tigers and old models have no much change, and the C-shaped taillight group echoes the front face. At the same time, the famous brand name of the whole blackline also highlights the one of its personality.

It is worth mentioning that a new generation of proud tigers are equipped with an inductive trunk, its inductive part is near the brand logo. If you move something with your hands, you can use the elbow to proximate the induction area to turn on the trunk, this design is still very humanized.

said that the new generation of proud tigers can be seen that Subaru is also I want to cater to the actual needs of consumers. It is not much to say, a large amount of soft material and leather material, bringing a good senior feeling.

The biggest change in the new model is the 11.6-inch vertical screen of the 11.6-inch vertical screen, which is actually used.

The built-in Welink and voice interaction, and support Apple Carplay and Baidu Carlife. Effects and volume adjustments such as air conditioning temperature and volume adjustment are also retained on the left and right sides of the screen.

Only the UI of this screenDesign is now lacking some creativity, and the big icon is all used as a starting point. Of course, in terms of configuration, a new generation of proud tigers are equipped with a new generation of Eyesight driving assistance systems. In addition to upgrading the original prevention collision automatic brake, prevent collision throttle control, lane deviation warning, active car distance control In addition to the functions such as fixed speed cruise, emergency automatic steering assistance and lane-in-vehicle maintenance and other functions.

In terms of riding space, a new generation of proud tigers still have excellent performance. The second row seat is very balanced by the length of the seat cushion, the backrest angle or the softness of the seat is very balanced.

And the new generation of proud tigers are standardized with steering wheel heating and front and rear seat heating function, which is really practical for northern consumers.

In terms of storage, this is definitely the strength of Ao Niki, and its rear seat supports the 4/6 proportion of one-button down, and can get one after you The volume is more than 1726L, which is more than enough to load daily travel.

Flatcombility is impeccable

In power, a new generation Auntie is still equipped with the same FB25 engine as the old model, but the manufacturer introduces 90% of this engine to re-development, so it is more advanced in technology.

, such as the multi-point injection upgrade of the manifold to the cylinder, and increase the compression ratio to 12.0, these changes allow new generation of proud tigers to torque, combustion efficiency , Fuel economics has better performance.

According to data, the maximum power of this 2.5L horizontal opposing engine is 124kW, and the peak torque is 252 nm.

From the actual driving experience, this engine can only be considered enough for a new generation of proud tigers.There is no need to worry about driving, but the speed of acceleration at high speed is relatively general. If you need to accelerate, you can only be implemented by deep stepping pedals.

Of course, a new generation of proudones did not bring that 2.4T engine to the domestic market a little regret.

However, the smoothness of the new generation of proud tigers is very impressive, especially the new models, and the simulation of the CVT transmission from the old models into the current simulation 8 block. So in the smoothness of the way, the new generation of proud tigers are really impeccable.

In the suspension, a new generation of proud Tiger McFesson, the rear double arm independent suspension, for effective filtration of the potholes on the road surface . And the suspension can make better support for the body, and there is no obvious shaking in the car when turning.

Further, a new generation of proud Nik is also equipped with a total of left and right symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive systems, which can be distributed to the front and rear wheels based on the road surface and driving, thereby increasing turning Stability.

It can be said that the launch of a new generation of proud tigers, in all respects, in all aspects, in all aspects, especially the changes in the scientific and technological atmosphere, compliant, and comply with the actual vehicle needs of the current consumers.

Pure import, excellent passability, sufficient storage space, rich intelligent security configuration, and the price of 300,000 heads, a new generation of proud tigers is indeed a comprehensive Strong players.

Although it is not a mainstream model in the market, it is really suitable for consumers who don’t look heavy luxury brands.


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