Comprehensive upgrade of the new driving SUV, take you “to the sky”

March 3, 2021, Subaru “imported new driving SUV” new generation Outback proudly officially listed and released prices. A new generation of Outback proud tigers have the comfort and spacious of the wagon, and the strong passability and loading capacity of SUV, which realizes the high quality cross-boundary integration of the travel vehicle and the SUV model. To enjoy colorful life, explore the natural vast world to provide unlimited possibilities, re-calibrate “to the sky, to the front”.

The new generation of Outback proud tiger market guidance range is 31.28-33.08 million yuan, including 2.5i exploration Edition Eyesight, 2.5i sports Eyesight, 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight total 3 models, multi-dimensional meet consumers Diversified, personalized car demand.

to the horne to pose the eye

When we are familiar with the current The farther the line, will go to your heart closer, every body is far from the heart, is a place in the heart. On the basis of inheriting the brand practical Aesthetic DNA, the new generation of Outback proud is transmitted to the user’s design philosophy of “active”. The full body body cooperates with the sculptural sharp fold line, which is like brushing the hardship of the wilderness of Fuji, full of strength and integrity. The C-type matrix of the eagle-like C-type matrix adaptive LED headlight group and the reloaded front fog light more highlighting the fierce advanced design. At the same time, on the basis of the classic design of the bumper along the previous generation, the protection area is stretched up, and the cross-country passage is strengthened, and the visual sensory is also unfair, and the Subaru flagship model is displayed.

(Matrix Adaptive LED Lighting System)

(front bumper shield)

123] In this upgrade, the new generation of Outback proud knots added two style new version of the model, 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight and 2.5i exploration version EYEsight, and two new colors that are specially owned by Outback Ao Tiger – streamer and clear autumn green. Their appearance also awakens more users to pursue and confidently pursue colorful life.

(New Generation Outback Proud Tigers 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight)

(New Generation Outback Proud Tiger 2.5i Probe) Eyesight

Among them, 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight model highlights the excellent quality of the flagship model, the variable sports luggage frame is more close to life while passing exquisite and elegant; and 2.5i Exploration Edition Eyesight, the user who loves the house, the exclusive black tone design with high gloss black wheels, Yao Guangxiao and matte color color, specializing in the large roof of the large roof, also let It is more convenient to facilitate passion.

The heart of the heart is coming

The new generation of Outback proud tigers clearly interprets the quality attitude of Subaru lean refinement in the interior design and space layout. 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight and 2.5i Sport Edition Eyesight first adopts Napa leather seats with soft, high quality and durability. The 2.5I exploration version Eyesight uses exclusive waterproof synthetic materials, allowing you to come with natural contacts.

(New Generation Outback Proud Tigers 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight)

(New Generation Outback Proud Tiger 2.5i Probe) Eyesight

The new generation of Outback proud of the front row of outback has increased to ensure that the driver has a more comfortable driving space, while rear ride space from the spacing, leg Optimization of the space, etc., allowing long-term rides to be comfortable.

(Rear Room Ride)

In order to make peace of mindHappy driving experience multi-level presence, a new generation of Outback proud tigers In car info entertainment system, upgrade is equipped with 11.6-inch multi-function touch display, support Apple Carplay, Carlife, Android Auto, and Welink, make information processing more intelligent, such as intelligence Mobile phone is intuitive and convenient. In addition, the Harman / Kardon audio specially belonging to 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight, which will create a naturally pleasing music atmosphere with 12 speakers.

(11.6-inch multi-function touch display)

(Harman Carton Harman / Kardon Audio System

A new generation of Outback proud tigers are equipped with touched back-to-retraction trunk coverings. It is only slightly touched, and the cover will shrink themselves, which greatly improves convenience. At the same time, because the genes with a travel vehicle in the body, its spacious trunk space is also a highlight of the heart. In order to make space applications with life seamlessly, a new generation of Outback proud tigers match the inductive electric back door, and the arm is close to Subaro’s car tail logo to open. In addition, considering the need for the use of outdoor scenes, more dirty composites are also used in the trunk, allowing all kinds of luggage to carry out no worries.

(inductive trunk tail)

smoothly in Lu Yuexin

Subaru four core technology, horizontal pair The engine and left and right symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system, the powerful hard strength in the driving performance and manipulation performance, created Outback proud to have a great reputation in the user’s heart, and the new generation Outback proud tiger continues this advantage Evolution again.

This new generation Outback proud tiger is equipped with a new 2.5L straight spray engine that has a performance and fuel economy. It is increasing the combustion efficiency and maximum torque by directing the engine direct injection and optimization compression ratio. Further reduces the vibration and noise of the engine, the perfect upgrade of the engine system will also bring you high quality driving.Performance and strong driving experience.

(2.5L straight spray engine)

and further upgrade is also made in the transmission with it, and the components of 80% or more are performed. Update optimization, by expanding the range of transmission ratios, reduce friction, lightweight, and other means to ensure better fuel economy. Manual mode also changed from analog 7 speed to 8 speed, allowing driving performance and driving pleasure to increase again. In addition, a new generation of Outback proud tiger uses “active torque distribution full-time four-wheel drive system”, which can assign ideal torque to the front and rear wheels according to the road surface and driving, thereby increasing the stability of turning, and starting on the slippery road performance.

(continuously variable transmission simulation 8-speed manual mode)

In addition to the upgrade of traditional core technology, this new generation of Outback Proud Tigers also formally adopted Comparative Subaru Global Platform SGP (Subaru Global Platform), accompanied by a new body assembly process not only greatly enhanced the body rigidity, achieving the rapid response of the driver’s intention of manipulation, but also turning the entire vehicle The reaction is more sensitive, and the control is also more accurate.

(Subaru Global Platform)

At the same time, a new generation of Outback proud tigers continued the minimum separation of 213mm, so that you even in the ice and snow pavement Outdoor scenes such as off-road roads can also swim. Combine X-Mode’s functional upgrade to make new generations of proudones can easily deal with various complex road conditions.

(213mm minimum ground clearance)

People-oriented all-round safety

pay attention to life, pay attention to driving experience, “people-oriented” is Subaru has always adhered to the car concept. The new generation of Outback proud Tigers upgraded the wide-angle stereoscopic camera, expanding the vision to the original approximately 2 times, and also improved the performance of image identification software and control software, which can identify the target faster to prevent safety.upgrade.

(New GeneSight Driving Assist System)

In addition to the upgrade of the original function, the new generation of Eyesight driving assistance systems also provides more natural and smooth New driving assistance. The first is “emergency automatic steering assistive function”, which greatly enhances the possibility of avoiding collision by steering assistance and avoiding collision. Secondly, “the maintenance of the maintenance / front car”, combined with the whole car speed-adaptive cruise control system, can automatically control the steering, slow down, add slow, follow-up, significantly reduce the cause The driving burden brought by the steering operation and acceleration and deceleration operation. With the new “Driver Monitoring System DMS”, make a warning when the driver’s attention is not concentrated or sleepy, and the driving experience of comfort when driving.

(Driver Monitoring System DMS)

A new generation of Outback proud tigers applied a new bodyframe, and new body absorption rate improved the collision energy absorption. About 40% and bringing the world’s level of collision safety performance. On this basis, the high rigid body can quickly feedback in emergency avoidance, greatly enhanced danger avoidance performance. I believe that the new generation of Outback proud tigers can protect you with your loved ones.

(New Generation Outback Proud Tiger 2.5i Ultimate Eyesight)

Subarin’s new generation Outback proud is a “imported new driving SUV” that breaks the city and natural boundaries, achieving high quality integration in elegance and practical, sports and comfort, intelligence and security, meeting the personality under multi-dimensional scenes Demand. We believe that every body is far from the heart, walking to the world, the world is broad, and the eyes are more exciting. I hope that the new generation of Outback proud tigers can accompany you “to the sky, and look forward.”

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