Configuration Comprehensive Upgrade A New Generation Fuxus will open pre-sale on April 12

On April 6, buying a car network Buycar learned from Changan Ford official that a new generation of Fusios will open pre-sale on April 12. It is understood that the new car has been fully upgraded in terms of appearance configuration. Changan Ford officially pointed out that when the high color value became standard, when the big screen became trend, when the smart leads the trend, the newly upgraded new generation of Fusiis does not do a single-selection, let consumers shout at the 100,000 yuan joint venture : “I, all!”

In the design, the new generation of Fusios is standardizing the LED headlight system, and the identification is improved. safer. In the field of intelligence, the new car has a car life with intelligent technology to carry a double 10.25-inch smart big screen for consumers. While improving the touch of interactions, it also brings more immersive in the car. Experience. Not only that, the new generation of Fu Ruis is equipped with 6 airbags, which gives users “airbag freedom” to bring multiple security.

In Chang An Ford officially seems, with a new generation of Fusi, with strength, to subvert everyone’s inherent cognition of the 100,000 yuan joint venture, not only It is necessary to have a unique proud of the world to make the car life in a unique proud person.

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