Cool burst your powerful torque, in addition to allowing you can twist ass doing?

In addition to the motorcycle engine parameter prior to said horsepower (power), there is an important parameter that torque, usually expressed in N.m (Nm). Although its name has a “cow”, but it is not half dime and cattle, which is a unit of mechanics, it is to commemorate the British scientist Sir Isaac middot; Newton for outstanding contributions to the study of mechanics named. The concept is not a cow how many meters in advance how much time ah ~ free articles touch on a bit more, say back to our motorcycles. In addition it can affect the acceleration performance, but on the other motorcycle affected?

First, directly determines the magnitude of the torque acceleration of the motorcycle. And in a fixed relationship with the condition of the power which is inversely proportional to the engine speed, the higher the speed the smaller the torque, the greater the contrary. Second, it determines the motorcycle’s load capacity, the greater the torque of motorcycles, accelerating performance when the load better. After

In the motorcycle power parameters, we often see the maximum torque, also corresponding to the rotational speed of the outbreak. Maximum torque output speed different models are different. Performance sports car will often close to 10 000 rpm maximum torque output, while American cruise car like this Harley, generally around 3000 rpm Maximum torque has burst out of. That question is, why not let the performance of a sports car as much as possible in advance of the outbreak of torque it? You would not be able to get better acceleration it? Because sports car not only needs more torque speed. At high speed, it can extract more horsepower speed higher. High-speed engine is simply have a wider torque output range, between ten thousand revolutions from low speed to high speed, form a rising torque curve climb. When reaching the maximum horsepower output speed also just close to the outbreak of speed at the maximum torque, so let sports car performance better acceleration performance at high speed. Performance sports car body and lightweight design are used, too early or too violent torque output against its manipulation.

However, for heavy duty American cruise, the high rotational speed torque outbreak obviously not suitable. Just said, is not only responsible for accelerating torque also control the load capacity. The bull weighs about 300 kilograms, if it is not a good torque performance, are even starting a headache thing.

so that they are mostly low-speed long-stroke engine, the maximum horsepower at the expense of a lower speed torque broke exchange, of course, as the American cruise itself not play speed and power to be so high also lacks action. Has a strong low torque performance models generally have a very interesting experience to accelerate the outbreak, but the situation is not prone to high gear, as long as the speed is not too low, a sudden acceleration to do is oil in any gear.

torque also affects the tire grip, the appropriate torque output can act to increase the grip effect. If the output is too violent, exceeding the load limit tire slip will occur. At the start often find some of the high torque models, they always plump buttocks flair in front of you swaying and shaking, looks really beautiful. In fact, this is undoubtedly the case for the novice terrible, but for those motorized master, but it is a source of pleasure, swaying start demonstrates its powerful torque, while also showing off a knight superb control car skill. Then there is the stimulation of skidding caused by cornering, as much as a bent knee mill.

excessive torque output will also bring lack of control, for the novice when torque control vehicle cornering, the torque output control is not good to worry, dare to throttle. When they find insufficient torque curve, and hurried to the oil spill is likely to cause torque over the range of the tires to withstand crash accident occurred. In this case various manufacturers have launched their own torque control system, escort knight with the power of technology.


torque control system is undoubtedly the most gospel knight, after all, not everyone has a superb driving control technology. This real-time computer system through the vehicle speed and the engine torque output monitor front and rear wheels when the rear wheel speed exceeds the perceived front wheels, the rear wheels will slip is determined. At the same time the computer immediately limit the torque output, so that the rear wheels return to steady-state turn, ensure safe riding knights.

However, the torque control system is not a panacea, must turn it off in special cases, such as in the desert, muddy road, opening torque control system, youIt will be stuck in the desert. Because in the desert or a soft muddy road pavement, slightly to the oil, the rear wheels will be idle. Then the computer silly, it would seriously consider a vehicle skid, the knight in among the extremely dangerous situation, so desperately to limit the power output, in such a situation how can you run out of the desert it? This is also true ADV models why can close torque control system had to take.

In the final you like motorcycles, what kind of character torque it? Is like a high speed linear outbreak of violent or low twist of pleasure, welcome back freely express their views.

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