Cool new wave of powerful Skoda SUV Ke Mike GT global debut

[ Chexun Wang reported ] November 4, 2019, the new Skoda Ashkenazi tide cool SUVmdash; mdash; Ke Mike GT usher in the world’s first show in Tianjin. The new member of the family SUV from Skoda tailored for the younger generation, the tide cool strength. It is reported that the car will be on November 22 officially on sale.

At present, there are four Skoda SUV models in our mdash; mdash; small SUV Ke Mike, compact SUV Ke Luo gram, mid-size SUV and Kodiak Kodiak GT. Ke Mike GT launch of the Skoda SUV family members to five models.

As an upgraded version Kemi Ke, Ke Mike GT exterior, interior, power, configuration, have different levels of upgrades. Wherein, power, of from 1.5 liter power Kemi Ke, Ke Mike GT of power becomes 1.2T. The engine model EA211-DLS, the maximum power of 85 kilowatts. The same applies this engine Sunny golf, tail marks are ldquo; 200TSIrdquo ;, but Ke Mike GT suffixes is ldquo; 230TSIrdquo ;, maybe it is from the maximum torque 200 Nm 230 Nm promoted.

ldquo; tide cool rdquo; Rodrigues Kodak type tag further rejuvenation

Ke Mike GT individuation shape, highlighting the tide unique stylish cool, become another label Skoda younger. Ke Mike GT debut playing field fun gold body with black roof bring hit color trends, color aesthetics of great tension passed, it all themselves. In addition, the GT will also provide Ke Mike Maroon, theatrical white, blue freedom different body colors to choose from, with different color of the roof, to create exclusive color trend for young users.

Ke Mike GT front design concept with the use of crystal cutting avant-garde design elements, quite Aspect. Straight waterfall grille evolution again, tough to show sharp grille shape dynamic and domineering.

Ke Mike GT ingenious grille below the intake port, creating a suspension effect. Grille and headlights on both sides are connected, LED headlights powerful modeling sharp, imposing sharp show eyes, with ldquo; eye rdquo; section below sharp, highly visual tension.

the front and rear sides of the three-dimensional sculptural waist connecting the lamp group, and the front and rear package muscular lines above the distinctive spell color wheel, with the vehicle highlights ready sense of power. Trendy suspended roof design, smooth lines of the roof to the rear spoiler, and the lower line forming the window Wedge shape from front to back, gives a visual experience flow line.

The new taillight design more personality and the ultimate combination of style cut crystal design concept redefines the classic Skoda C-shaped taillights.

Bottom bumper design very passionate, through the tail lamp reflector body exhibits broad band vested sides ldquo; Lrdquo; shaped trim strip and the front face of echoes , with exaggerated the bottom of the package, to create a powerful, unique style of fashion sense.

internally and externally, highlight the extraordinary strength tide cool attitude

In addition to the breakthrough appearance, interior design is equally dynamic design elements into the fashion style, through careful with the color and texture to create both tough SUV style and passion dynamic style performance space.

Metal Texture trim through the instrument panel for the first time the precise positioning pattern mdash; mdash; unique color denim, and the shape color echoes, highlighting tide cool attitude. Sports, racing-style seat with a seat support excellent properties, combined with the suture and the exclusive stripe, a full cool tidal movement.

Ke Mike GT body length 4409 mm wheelbase 2610 mm, brings ample space for occupants, with the action-packed multifunction steering wheel, and integrated ergonomic chair design, to create extraordinary driving experience.

SUV family ldquo; tide cool rdquo; play Guangzhou Auto Show debut

2017, mid-sized SUV Cody Senanayake listing, Skoda brand officially open the new SUV strategy; along with 2018 grams of a compact SUV with Luo Ke Ke Mike launched the entry-level SUV, the above three models to achieve full coverage of the mainstream SUV market. By the end of 2018, Cody opened the era of Pontiac GT’s arrival means the Skoda brand GT.

Skoda family SUV models embody characteristics typical of the brand, such as the spacious performance, it is not simple function and excellent price, but also demonstrates the Skoda brand with the times common progress and create increasingly sophisticated products and layout to meet the diverse needs of users of the practice.

November 22, the fifth member of the Skoda family SUV, the latest ldquo; tide cool rdquo; play mdash; mdash; Ke Mike GT upcoming Guangzhou auto show Skoda stand on stage, so stay tuned.

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