Cross-country Bipuladuo Benz GLE longer stable than 3.0T V6 + 48V to play mixed light

In the large luxury SUV camp, more and more new products into the Council, in addition to the traditional BBA members, as well as Cadillac, Lincoln and Volvo models relevant to join, because the luxury car market has always been high temperature, now, each big brands are products of its renewal.

at the end of last year, the new BMW X5 officially listed this year in November, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE China market, at the recent Guangzhou Motor Show, the new mid-term facelift Audi Q7 also be fully unveiled, this model from exterior to interior and then to power systems with varying degrees of upgrade, expected around February next year. So, the new car in the end how powerful it? As a true off-road player, this model will be what distinguishes there?

on the terms of the new Audi Q7, where this model is the first change in appearance, the front face of the new car facelift Audi SUV family octagonal grille, two HD matrix LED headlamps integrated point-side daytime running lights, front bumper intake port shape is more sharp, the entire front face looks more domineering more stylish. Side of the line or the older models is quite similar, but in order to highlight the car’s sporty fashion, new cars equipped with the new-style wheels. Style taillights group and in the sale of the Audi A6L similar bilateral dual exhaust was changed to a hidden design, look more stylish. It is worth mentioning that, as a mid-term facelift, Q7 fine-tuning in terms of size, the new car the size of the adjusted slightly ahead of the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE.

with respect to the interior part of the largest number of appearance, change width, the new Audi Q7 with a new interior design style the maximum change is canceled in the control panel of the suspension can be raised and lowered, and the new crystal with two instruments in the control region can be linked LCD touch screen, wherein the screen are two large +8.6 inches 10.1 inches, two display technology being allowed to get a good upgrade. In the new layout, Dangba area below the control panel designed to be avant-garde and simple, very practical. Meanwhile, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel with the through the air conditioning vent, let it appear younger. In addition, the rear air conditioning and seat heating also changed to a touch panel, make sense of science and technology car bursting.

In addition, the new Audi Q7 on the power adjustment are also some new car turbo engine using 3.0L V6 3.0L V6 replaces the current model of the supercharged engine. “Book” data engine more competitive after the change, which the peak torque of the new Audi Q7 is raised to 500 Nm, than the BMW X5 advantage. While the new engine will also join 48V light mixing system to further reduce fuel consumption. 2.0T engine parameters are kept constant, the maximum power of 185kW, peak torque 370N.m.

Guiche: The new Audi Q7 is still in force on the product has greatly improved, the new car obvious advantages in size, the technology also has been a significant upgrade , new car, into the more sports elements and fashion elements. Moreover, from the control perspective, the Audi Q7 open up Bipuladuo more stable, off-road play, Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive system family is not a laughing matter.

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