CT5 quietly on the market, can return 20,000 in cash “to buy peace of mind” in the end several meanings?

Introduction | write praise before returning it? After

experienced the end of October inexplicable “bounced” Cadillac CT5 recent “quietly” to the listed price of 27.97-33.97 yuan.

After two main ATS-L and XTS successively into the shutdown state, only a car (CT6) Cadillac sales in October there has been plunged 39.2 percent year on year, while the listing CT5, it is an important opportunity to boost its sales and morale.

just did not expect that, just listed CT5 launched the “buy peace of mind” policy, after 20,000 car owners enjoy preferential cash back, basically the equivalent preferential 20,000 yuan.

a “buy peace of mind” to return 20,000 in cash?

common sense that most of the new car on the market in the early discount will not appear (part of the “hot” models and even a certain degree of increase), if the sales downturn, price It will gradually loose.

only because in recent years Cadillac “substantial discount” has begun an impression in the hearts of the public, even in large cars CT5 as a standard wheelbase, itself the basic price and Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other luxury brands mainstream mid-size sedan rather, seems to have have a very high cost, but most consumers still hold “soon there will be concessions,” the idea.

Another fact is, higher than the CT5 a ​​level CT6 after the current preferential naked car price of less than 30 million, the actual starting price of only 2 million higher than the CT5.

Therefore, even if the topic CT5 is high, the product itself also ensures a certain force, but the face is more Chibidaigou consumers.

Cadillac CT5 this wave of “buy peace of mind,” the operation is to leveraging the psychological part of the potential customer.

Cadillac “buy peace of mind” policy is not first introduced on the market after July XT6 models have been applied.

specific to CT5 model, if the policy is the premise of December 31 car, late 2 million in cash will be returned (the return time is said to be in 2020), it seems more of a insured measures not directly concessions.

So count this “20000 concessions”, 25.97-31.97 million CT5 now whether it is worth starting it? Late in the end will not offer more than 20,000 yuan it?

Second, listed on the “concessions” CT5 worth buying?

to determine whether it is worthwhile to buy a new car, compared with the level model is naturally essential, car poly Jun combed with the price of almost all of the competing products models (column only VI abroad models).

in the same price models, CT5 occupy in size the advantages are obvious, nearly 5m body only Lexus ES and Lincoln MKZ can be compared, the gas field was significantly better than the other midsize sedans longer.

and CT5 after the wheelbase is lengthened after BMW 3, although the rear seat is relatively thin, but that is in a high level of large cars, considered mainstream side upper space level.

but CT5 more obvious advantage is reflected in the force, the whole system continue to use CT6 a combination of 2.0T + 10AT, power level comparable to other brands of high-power models, 10AT is up to the same level of gear number of speed, plus the driver rear-drive mode.

On the whole, CT5 overall sense be regarded as the most Western style tables.

but have to consider that, after the Cadillac XTS deals newcomerThe price is around 21 million, while positioning CT5 is to replace the XTS, it has also become a potential customer CT5 psychological expected price.

even count the “buy peace of mind” that 20,000 of concessions, there were still about 40,000 yuan difference, whether expected future CT5 dropped the price of it?

in the car poly monarch it seems, at least two to three years unlikely.

Although CT5 has narrowed compared XTS size, but the change is not large interior space, plus meet national standards VI (XTS V for the country), prodromal variable drive, power system upgrade, more cool appearance of the interior and so on, these are exchanged for yuan, it seems more than the value of 40,000 yuan.

and from last year’s listing XT4 start, Cadillac will have started to adjust strategy, in addition to “relatively old” models remain more substantial concessions, the new model launched discount rate are controlled in a certain range Inside.

After all, the “price change” damage to the brand premium is huge, Cadillac launched the “peace of mind buy “program, in fact, also in order to avoid a reduction in net worth, the market shake off its” negative comments pseudo-luxury “of.

so less than 200,000 can buy a Cadillac, it should be very difficult to meet the ……

car poly Summary

[123 ] Cadillac early on when the “price change”, to help them in exchange for the location of the luxury brand sales in fourth place, which XTS and ATS-L is a “great hero”, both of which can contribute peak total nearly ten thousand units per month sales.

And when the two “step down”, CT5 and took over the market next year CT4 task is more important, because they not only assume the XTS and ATS-L sales tasks, but also help get rid of the Cadillac “price change”, Bringing high sales volume in the case of “less favorable” in.

marketing gimmick, or a style all their own soldiers?

to be the Cadillac announced December sales of CT5, probably will be able to see the “buy peace of mind” is initially worked.

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