Current popular car security configuration, you have a few car?

say then the money will not lead to life, so life not only by everyone in awe, protect the lives of many auto companies is valued.

It is the importance of car safety, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and other auto brands have also made efforts to enhance vehicle safety. Three-point safety belt invented by Volvo, the Saab active head restraints invented, all to better protect the personal safety of the members of the car. Today, in addition to these passive security configuration, many proactive security configuration also appeared in the car, for safety, these configurations are more step ahead, and your car whether these security configuration it?

No.1 active brake system

In order to reduce rear-end accidents, ldquo; active brake system rdquo; start to appear on all types of vehicles. Different brands have different terminologies, such as Volvo will set up this feature ldquo; City Safety rdquo; (City Safety) in.

Active brake system during traveling, by a millimeter wave radar, cameras configuration of the road ahead in real time. When identifying an imminent collision, the driver will take the initiative to give advise, if the driver still does not brake to take measures, active brake system directly depresses the brake pedal, the vehicle hard braking to reduce or completely avoid collisions happened.

However, active braking system and anti-collision warning system will be confused. Active brake system directly into the brake pedal to intervene to help the driver take the brake. The anti-collision warning system will alert the driver of impending collisions possible, mostly with sound or vibration to prompt, not necessarily to take measures to brake, so the two are quite different.

Thus, your car is in the end ldquo; active brake system rdquo; or ldquo; rdquo ;, anti-collision warning systems have to make clear.

No.2 car warning to the rear transverse (RCTA)

forward with active braking to help you take the initiative to reduce the collision probability, then, whether you when reversing You need a hand to observe it? Reversing in parking spaces, it is very easy to be other vehiclesOr reversing the line of sight obstructions, so a lot of people when reversing very slowly, very carefully.

Today, ldquo; rear transverse to the vehicle warning system (RCTA) rdquo; system is to solve this problem. The obstacle detection system and the vehicle through the vehicle rear-side millimeter-wave radar. In reverse, if the system detects oncoming vehicle, will alarm laterally rearward obliquely to the vehicle, in order to reduce collisions observed by reversing occurs. Some transverse to the rear of the vehicle warning system comes with active brake stop function, which can greatly reduce or even avoid the cut rub accident when reversing and transverse to the vehicle.

No.3 pedestrian protection system

on the road, often focus on the protection of vulnerable groups is that pedestrians. Really unarmed pedestrians in front of the car, so the car manufacturers for traffic accidents, pedestrian protection very seriously.

wherein, in addition to our well-known energy-absorbing design, using inclined rear hood bounce, to further protect the pedestrian. When the vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the hood is close to the side of the front windshield instantaneously upturned a height, slope thus formed can reduce pedestrian injury Cross Sections, while also reducing the pedestrian head to the windshield the probability of a direct hit.

In addition, some brands To further protect the head of the pedestrian, is provided inside the outer bonnet vehicle airbag, when collision with a pedestrian, the pedestrian’s head more comprehensive protection.

automobile companies are now inclined to active safety research and development and technology improvement, compared to active safety and passive safety features, the more trouble. Of course, now the car security configuration has far exceeded the imagination of ordinary people, there is more security configuration has been applied to the production car, small series to introduce the following periods.

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