“Da Ping Route” Valli (towards) 7.98, the national tile can be born

On June 10, 2021, SAIC’s “Da Pinghui Hui” Valli “Da Pinghui” VALLI (year-round), a total of 2,800 dealers in the country, launching Mogan Valley MT elite, Yili Ranch CVT Deluxe, Dali Sky CVT exclusive, That Square CVT flagship type four models, the listing price is 79,800 yuan, 92,800 yuan, 99,800 yuan, 1.058 million yuan.

The order breaks through 10,000 sets, and the 2800 dealers jointly listed in the country

Mid-April, Valli (towing) opens Sales, the first “Da Ping Route” quickly circled a large number of users, single sales broke, and the accumulated orders have exceeded 10,000 sets, the hot sale can be strong, gradually establish China’s RV leadership . This listing, not only the prices of the people will pay for the enthusiasm of users, but also to send rich listed rights, and pass the sincerity of “yearning 5 + 2”.

Since the date of listing, the majority of users have passed the new Baojun App / New Baojun Automotive Approach / Ling Ling Bang App / Jingdong, Tmall official flagship store and other platforms, only 9.9 yuan online, can be subscribed to Value 16280 yuan gift package, including triple gift.

Gift Pack 1: Buying a Coordination – Ultra-low Deposit, 2 Years 0 Interest (to High Posts 4000), 3000 yuan replacement subsidies.

Package 2: Heart surprise gift – 10 years free of traffic (2G / month), 500L streamlined roof suitcase (first 1000).

Package 3: Demonstration – Valli Chinese Watt Can Tribe is exclusive. Users join Valli Chinese tile tribe to become the chief experience of Houli cultural. (Note: The package 1, 2 does not include manual gear).

Valli (toward) appearance, compliance with nature aesthetics, highlight unique trend taste; it is equipped with 1.5T high-efficiency turbocharged engine, matching CVT (simulation 8 speed) transmission, power output is smooth, economic session oil. In terms of intelligent technology, Valli is equipped with the most advanced intelligent network system with the same level, and mobile phone remote control can be realized.Free wake-up voice interaction and other cool features. In addition, Valli (direction) also constructed five security protection such as FCW anti-collision warning, AEB automatic emergency brake, allowing users to enjoy each process; coupled with ACC full-speed domain adaptive cruise, BCA corner cruise assistance and other intelligent technology, Realize your telescale.

“Valli Chinese tile tribe yearning for tour” officially sailed, and handed with users to create a colorful huppus culture

Valli After listed on (toward), Baojun brand will build large users’ activities – Valli Chinese tile tribe yearning for travel, organize three brands hosted high-value huppies, carry out the 40-station regional organization owner weekend party, held 1 city 1 station Valli The tile tribe is getting off, from the brand to individual, from the country to the region, construct a multi-dimensional, three-dimensional huppies cultural ecology. Previously, Baojun held the “24-way Yuanyuan Memory” tide activities, establish Valli Chinese tile tribe, launched the “year-round way”, and jointly build a tide change car culture, travel culture, and surrounding cultures. With the “Valli Chinese Tile Tribe, Valli will once again join hands with users to create a colorful huppus culture, leading the new trend of China’s reshuffle culture.

Valli (direction) is committed to become “5 + 2-duplex living space” and the ability to efficiently directly connected users. The most suitable for China, “For the city’s life circle, enjoy life, covering the young generations and families of multicolored circles, creating more opportunities to explore leisure time.

As a “post-epidemic era” to meet 100,000 national remtro, Valli (towing) is to meet the national desire freedom and healthy lifestyle ) With “5 + 2-duplex living space”, the hard core strength, the listing price of the people and the rich user rights, bringing the user to the user “toward 5 + 2” life. With the official listing of Valli (toward), it will give new kinetic energy to the China Hurdish Travel Market, leading the new style of the “in the heart, landing is life”.

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